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Three Primary Levels of Service – Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

Please note: While close to completion, our services are not yet available. We will continue to post all relevant updates to the Armstrong Economics blog as they become available. We thank you for your patience. 


At Princeton Economics Intl, we have divided our services into three main categories so we have allowed access to the overall view of the global economy for the basic average person we call the INVESTOR, followed by the more active TRADER who likes to buy and sell various markets and instruments, and our famous Institutional Services that further divide from corporate structural advisory, hedge management to reduce risk, and portfolio management advisory service right up to asset allocation.


Our basic service is geared for the person who want to plan their future and understand the trends from interest rates and real estate to stocks, bonds and commodities. At this level of our service, the average non-trader individual can still gain access to information only the big-boys use to access. Here our models will identify the trend for INVESTORS that enables them to make decisions for retirement as well as what to do with vested stock earned in a corporation.


Our next tier of service is designed for the more active TRADERS who enjoys buying and selling stocks, bonds, currencies, and futures. At this level of our service, you will have access to our trading tools designed to qualify both time and price. Here you will have access to our famous service with arrays and reversals.



The third level will be for the INSTITUTIONAL clients geared to global portfolios and Treasury Management. This incorporates hedging to where you should be constructing plants on a global basis. Here we can provide even a hands-on service with dedicated people to help monitor your risks. Unlike the banks, we are not double-dipping earning money on commissions in trading nor do we make the markets converting relationships into transactional targets for profits. This is purely a relationship service – not transactional oriented. We have your bottom-line in focus and are not adverse to fees based upon performance.

AssetAllocation (2)

We Also provide strategic portfolio advisory. Here we will assist is using our renown global models to plug you in to the capital flows. We have data that is exclusive and can provide daily mapping of the flow of capital globally using data provided from strategic partners around the world all coming together to provide the picture most critical to your survival. Understanding the capital flows and remapping the world to your perspective provides strategic tailoring on a client by client basis.


Our Institutional Treasury Management Services are geared to hedge both product and currency risk. Today, corporations run tremendous risk based upon currency fluctuations that impact profits and dramatically alters the price of goods and service on both side of the table from the those offering such services and products to those buying them Our models bring the entire global together so you can see it before your eyes. No longer are decisions limited to newspaper stories and opinion that is limited by experience.


The our system is global in scope, so it will provide the analysis in your base currency in all fields and in all countries. If you are in China, Japan, India, Russia, Europe, or South America, Middle East or even Africa, you will be able to obtain forecasting to your perspective identifying your own risks both economic and political.



Our model is the largest in the world and incorporates both political and economic trends. We have accurately forecast changes in politics and the rise and fall of governments. We have an unprecedented track record that has even accurately targeted periods of rising geopolitical tensions. This is all accomplished by computer, not an individual having a lucky guess. Our database is simply amazing and has cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create. Our success has been documented over the course of 30 years. We have no competition who have boast of such a track record for such a period of time.

DECLSILV - MA-Waterfall

We have reconstructed the world economy from inception using the coinage that has survived. We have been able to answer questions of How Do Empires Rise and Fall, not buy guessing, opinion, or claims of thinking. We have the documented proof of how empires, nations., and city states rise and fall. We have reconstructed the Monetary System of the world.


This is just scratching the surface. We have been able to map capital flows historically and in the process monitor the movement of capital and the migration of the Financial Capitol of the World as empires, nations, and city states rise and fall. We are now in the current trend of watching before our eyes the power shift that is unfolding as the title of the Financial Capitol of the World moves back to China from the USA as it shifted to the USA following World War II.


The bottom-line: “it is what it is”. Our analysis and forecasting is global. We are NOT politically biased and our computer is not restrained by convention of being politically-correct. We follow the money flows like the currents within the ocean for sailing. We have no dooms-day agenda, not influenced by any conspiracy theories, and we are non-denominational. This is about knowledge and nothing else – so it is what it is.