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Paulina – Wife of Maximinus I

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paulna d

235-238 AD

Paulina was the wife of Maximinus I. The 4th-century historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote about Paulina in his book on the Gordian emperors, but this work has not survived. In a later passage, however, Marcellinus does refer to her as the good wife of the difficult husband who had “… led him back into the paths of truth and mercy, by feminine gentleness, as, in recounting the acts of the Gordiani, we have related to have been done by the wife of that truculent emperor Maximinus.”

All her coinage is posthumously issued suggesting that she did not survive as Empress for very long if at all.

Monetary System

All of the coinage issued in the name of Paulina is posthumous.

Mints: Rome


PAULINA Denominations

AU Aureus
AR Denarius
AE Sestertius

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