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Diviae Mariniana – Wife

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Diviae Mariniana


Wife of Valerian I

Mariniana was the wife of Valerian I and the mother of Valerian II and Gallienus. Based upon her surviving coinage, it would appear that she died prior to her husband’s accession to the the throne of the Roman Empire. All her coins are thus commemorative by nature.

Monetary System

During the reign of her husband, the gold coinage declined severely dropping from 4 grams+ to as little as 2 grams. Toward the end of Valerian’s reign, the silver coinage also declined significantly in silver content. Around 259 AD the silver content had declined so significantly that the once silver appearance of the Antoninianii totally disappeared degenerating to that of mere bronze in appearance. The state then began to apply a silver wash yielding a silver plated appearance which was so thin, quickly wore off within a brief period of time. This effectively resulted in the end of the issue of bronze sesterii, dupondii and ases. In the case of Mariniana, her coinage is predominantly from the early years of the reign and as such the majority of the antoninianii are of a white metal composition in appearance. Bronze issues are far more difficult to obtain for this particular issue.

Mints: Rome, Antioch, Lugdunum, Milan, Viminacium

Obverse legend:



AU Aureus (2-3 grams)
AR Antoninianus (silver white metal)
Æ Billion Antoninianus (silver washed 3.3 grams)
AR Quinarius (silver white metal)
Æ Quinarius (silver washed)
Æ Sesterius (13.78 grams)
Æ Dupondius (9.98 grams)
Æ As

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