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Constantinoplis & POP ROMANUS Issues

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Constantinmople AE3 Victory on Prow

Commemorative Series. AD 330-354. Æ Follis (18mm, 2.35 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 7th officina. Struck under Constantine I, AD 330-333. Laureate, helmeted, and mantled bust of Constantinople left, holding scepter over shoulder / Victory standing left, foot on prow, holding scepter and resting hand on shield set on the ground to the right: CONSZ. RIC VII 63.

AE3 ROMA She Wolf Commemorative

Commemorative Series. 330-354AD Æ Follis (16.5mm) Struck under Constantine I, 333-334AD. Helmeted and mantled bust of Roma left / She-wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus; above, palm frond between two stars

Pop Romanus

Commemorative Series. 330-354AD Æ (14mm, 0.98 g, 12h). Special issue for the dedication of the city of Constantinople. Constantinople mint. Struck under Constantine I, 330AD. POP ROMANVS, laureate and draped bust of Genius of the Roman People left, cornucopia over shoulder / Milvian Bridge with a tower at each end overflowing water of the Tiber River; CONS//I above the bridge. The reverse depicts the famed Milvian Bridge, which carried the Via Flaminia over the Tiber outside Rome, where Maxentius made his stand against Constantine’s forces in October of AD 312.

Vision Cross Constantine Melvian Bridge

Tradition holds that it was prior to this battle that Constantine had hi claimed vision that would lead to both his victory over Maxentius and his conversion to Christianity. In truth, Maxentius’s troops were predominantly Christian so painting a cross on their shields disrupted his opponent.

Constantinoplois Contemporary Foregery