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Domitilla the Younger – Daughter

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Domitilla the Younger

 Flavia DOMITILLA Jr Bust Lybia

Daughter of Vespasian

Flavia Domitilla the Younger or Flavia Domitilla Minor (c. 45 – c. 66) was the only daughter of the Roman Emperor Vespasian and Flavia Domitilla the Elder. Her elder brother was Titus, and her younger brother was Domitian. At the age of fifteen, she was married to Quintus Petillius Cerialis and bore three children. Her daughter became quite famous during the reign of her uncle Domitian for aiding Christians. She later became a Christian saint Flavia Domitilla.

Because Domitian had no heir, he adopted the sons of Flavia Domitilla the Younger  –  Vespasianus Jr. (Titus Flavius Domitianus), and his brother Domitianus. Domitian then feared having potential heirs, that might lead to a potential rival and his own assassination. Out of this paranoia, Domitian had the two boys either killed or exiled after executing their father and exiling their mother for her support of the Christians.

Monetary System

Diva_Domitilla_the_Younger_Denarius Forreeii

The commemorative Æ Sestertius coinage attributed to her was most likely intended for her mother since she was exiled and her sons executed. Nevertheless, the denarii have been reassigned. The elder Domitilla, mother of Titus and Domitian, and the younger Domitilla died before Vespasian became emperor in 69 AD. Therefore, the title AVGVSTA on denarii clearly establishes that these denarii must be assigned to the younger Domitilla, and not her mother who never was given that title since she died before Vespasian came to power.

Mints: Rome

Obverse Legends:

Diva_Domitilla_the_Younger_AE Sestertitius


AR Denarius
Æ Sestertius (most likely issued for her mother)

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