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Ptolemy XI – 80 BC

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Monetary History of Egypt

Ptolemaic Dynasty

Ptolemy XI egpytian_museum_cairo_7007

Ptolemy XI Alexander II

80 BC

Ptolemy XI Alexander II was the son of Ptolemy X Alexander by his unknown first wife. Following the death of his father in 80 BC, his step-mother (or possibly mother) Cleopatra Berenike ruled Egypt alone for nearly one year. Ptolemy XI was obligated to marry his step-mother, who was much older than he. Cleopatra Berenike was daughter of his father’s rival, Ptolemy IX, and was very popular with the people as was her father.

Following the marriage to Cleopatra Berenike, Ptolemy XI murdered his new wife just nineteen days later. The people of Alexandria were outraged and stormed the palace. He was killed by the Alexandrian mob.

Monetary System

Note: The reign of Ptolemy XI was so brief, no coinage has been clearly identified as being minted by his administration.

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