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Monetary History of

Mary Francis 60s


David I
AR Penny

Prince Henry
AR Penny

Malcolm IV
AR Penny

William I (The Lion)
AR Penny

Alexander II
AR Penny

Alexander III
1st Coinage Crude Portrait
AR Penny
2nd Coinage Refined Portrait
AR Penny
AR Half-Penny
AR Farthing

AR Penny

John Baliol
AR Penny
AR Half-Penny
2nd Coinage
AR Penny
AR Half-Penny

Robert Bruce
AR Penny
AR Half-Penny
AR Farthing

Edward Baliol
AR Penny

David II
AU Noble
AR Groat
AR Half Groat
AR Penny

Robert II
AR Groat
AR Half Groat
AR Penny
AR Farthing

Robert III
— Pre Reform 1390-1403—
AU Lion (5sh) [1390-1403 Heavy 61.5grns]
AU Demy Lion (2sh/6d)
AR Groat /Long Cross [46grns]
AR Halfgroat
—Post Refor 1403-1406 Weights Half
AU Lion (5sh) [1403-1406 Light 38grns]
AU Demy Lion (2sh/6d)
AR Groat [28 grains]
AR Penny [Debased silver 17.25grains]
AR Halfpenny

James I
AU Demy (9sh) 54grains)
AU Half Demy
AR Groat (6d 36grains)
AR Penny (Billon debased 16 grains)
AR Half Penny

James II
AU Demy (Lion shield/quatrefoils) FIRST ISSUE
AU Lion (St Andrew on Cross) (10s 54grains)
AU Half Lion (5s)
AR Groat (6d) 1437-51
AR Groat (12d 59grains) 1451-60
AR Half Groat (6d)
AR Penny (Billon debased 16 grains)
AR Penny (Billon debased 10-12 grains)

James III
AU Rider (23s 78.25 grains)
AU 1/2 Rider (11.5s)
AU 1/4 Rider (5.75s)
AU Unicorn (18s 59grains)
—-Light Coinage ————————–
AR Groat 12d Light Coinage 1467
AR Halfgroat (6d) Light Coinage 1467
—Debased Silver .770 Fine ————–[1471-1483]
AR Groat (6d 33.5grns) 3/4 face rt
AR Half Groat (3d)
——Light Issue 1475 Tall Crown Facing
AR Groat 12d
AR Half Groat (6d)
AR Penny (3d)
—–Heavy Coinage 1484-1488
AR Groat (1s 2d 47.125 grains)
AR Half Groat (6d)
—-BILLION Silver like issues .50 fine
AB Plack (4d 31.5grains
AB Half plack
AB Penny
AE Penny “Kennedy Penny”
AB Halfpenny
—–BLACK MONEY – (Brass or Copper)
AE Farthing

James IV
AU Unicorn (18s 59grains) 21carets or less
AU Half Unicorn (9s)
AU Lion (13s 4d 52.25 grains)
AU Half Lion
—–Heavy Coinage 1489-1496———
AR Groat (1s 2d 47.125 grains)
AR Halfgroat
—–Light Coinage 1496-1513———–
AR Groat (12d) 39.25 grains
AR Halfgroat
AR Penny
AB Plack (4d)
AB Half plack (2d)
AB Penny

James V
AU Unicorn (20s 59grains)
AU Half Unicorn (9s)
AU Crown (20s 52,25 grains)
AU Ducat or Bonnet (40s 88g)1539-42
AU 2/3 Ducat (26s 8d)
AU 1/3 Ducat (13s 4d)
AR Groat (1s 6d) Hd rt (.833 fine 42grns)
AR 1/3 Groat (6d)
AB Plack (4d 31.5grains)
AB Bawbee (6d 29grains .250 fine)
AB Half baebee
AB Quarter Bawbee

AU Abbey Crown (20s in 1542 raised 22s)
AU 20s (44 1/6 grains)
AU 40s “LION” (78.5 grains)
AU 22s
—–Portrait Gold of Mary————-
AU Ryal (3 pounds) Hd left 1555-58
AU Half Ryal (30s) as above
AU Ducat (60s, 3pounds) Facing w/Francis [2 private hands]
—–First Widow Period 1560-65 No Portrait
AU Crown (50.5 grains)
—(Silver Issues)———————————–
AR Testoon Portrait Hd rt (4s 78.5 grains .916 fine)
AR Testoon Crown M (5s ,725 fine 117 grns
AR Testoon Shield/Cross (5s 94.25grns .916 fine)
AR Half Testoon (2.5s)
—2nd Period Francis & Mary——————-
AR Testoon Crown FM (5s 94.25g .916)
AR Half Testoon Crown FM
AB 12d Groat or Nonsunt .500 fine billion
AB Lion or Hardhead (1.5d) crowned FM
—-3rd Peiod First Widowhood—————- Portrait left
AR Testoon Hd Left (5s 94.25g)
AR Half Testoon Hd Left
—4th Period Mary & Henry Darnley
AR Ryal (30s 471.25g)Facing busts
AR Ryal Crown & Shield/Thistle
AR 2/3 Ryal
AR 1/3 Ryal
———[B I L L I O N I S S U E S]————-
AB Bawbee (6d 29.5g) .250 fine
AB Half Bawbee
AB Plack (4d 29.5grns .0833 fine
AB Lion or Hardhead (1.5d 14.75 grns)
AB Penny 11.25 grains (First period)
AB Penny only .0625 fine
AB Lion (1.5d .0625 fine)

—————————-1st coinage—————————————————
AR Ryal (Sword Dollar) 30s
AR 2/3rds Ryal
AR 1/3rd Ryal
—————————-2nd coinage—————————————————
AU 20lb 22ct 471.25grns Bust rt w/sword
AR 2 Merks (Thistle dollar) 28s 8d .916 fine 343.75grns
AR Merk (13s 4d)
AR Half Merk or noble (6s 8d) .666 fine 104.75 grains (Shield)
AR 1/4 Merk (1/2 noble) 3s 4d

NOTE: silver shortaged caused recall of previous coinage
which was then revalued higher by at least 25%
AR Testoon Francis & Mary Crowned FM
AR Portrait Testoon of Mary revalued to 7s 4d from 5s
AR Half Testoon of Mary revalued to 3s 8d from 2.5s
AR Ryal of Mary & Darnley 36s 9d from 30s
AR 2/3rd Ryal as above
AR 1/3rd Ryal as above
AR Ryal of Mary Alone 36s 9d
AR 2/3rds Ryal as above
AR 1/3rd Ryal as above
AR Ryal of James VI 36s 9d was 30s
AR 2/3rds Ryal as above
AR 1/3rd Ryal as above

—————————-3rd coinage—————————————————
AU Ducat 80s 21ct 94.5 grns hd left
AR 16sh .916 fine 171.333 grains Shield/Thistle
AR 8sh as above
AR 4sh as above
AR 2sh as above
—————————-4th coinage—————————————————
AU Lion noble (75s 78,5grns 21.5ct) lion facing
AU 2/3rds noble (50s)
AU 1/3rd noble (25s)
AR 40s Portrait Bust Left holding upright sword .916 fine 471.166 grns
AR 30sh similar
AR 20sh similar
AR 10sh similar
—————————-5th coinage—————————————————
AU Thistle Noble (146s 8d o 11 merks 117.75grns 23.5ct)
—————————-6th coinage—————————————————
AU Hat Piece (80s 69.75grns 22ct) Tall Hat Bust rt
AR Half Merk Shield & Balance 6s 8d 71.33 grs .875 fine
AR Quarter Merk similar
—————————-7th coinage—————————————————
AU Rider (5lb 100s 78.5grns 22ct) King on Horse riding rt
AU Half Rider as above
AR 10sh Bare hd rt / Thistle .916fine 92.25 grs
AR 5sh similar
AR 30d similar
AR 12d similar
—————————-8th coinage—————————————————
AU Sword & Sceptre piece (120s, 22ct, 78.5grains)
AU Half Sword & Sceptre Piece
AR Merk (Thistle) 13s 4d 104.75 grs .916 fine Shield/thistle
AR Half Merk similar
AR Quarter Merk similar
AR Eighth Merk similar
————–Billion & Copper Issues—————————————
AB 8 penny Groat Crowned shield/thistle .250 fine
AB 2penny Plack similar
AB Hardhead 2d 23.5 grs .041 fine Crowned “IR”
AB 1penny Plack
AB 4penny Plack .041 fine
AE 2 pence Bare hd rt / 3 thistles
AE 1 penny similar Countermaked Heart & Star)
Placks of Mary (Countermarked Heart & Start
Lion or Hardhead of Mary (Countermarked Heart & Star)

—————————-9th coinage—————————————————
NOTE: 60 scotish sh = 5 English sh

AU Unit Hd ry w/Sceptre (12 Scots Lb = 1 UK Lb 154.83grns 22ct)
AU Double Crown (6 scots lb=1/2 UK lb 77.66grns) Hd t no sword
AU Crown Britain (3 scots lb 38.7grns)
AU Half Crown 30s scots Crown hd rt 23.666grns
AU Thisle Crown Rose no portrait 48s scots
AR 60s (5s english) King on horseback rt w/sword
AR 30s similar
AR 12s similar
AR 6s similar
AR 6s Crowned bust Rt / Shield
AR 2s Crowned Rose
AR 1s Rose/Thistle
AE Twopence Triple Thistle / Standing Crowned Lion
AE Penny similar

Charles I
——————-1st coinage issue————————————————
AU Unite Bust rt w/sword & orb r/shield
AU Double Crown (Bust rt)
AU Britain Crown (Bust right)
AU Angel (Milled) =10s
AR 60s (King on horseback riding rt)
AR 30s similar
AR 12s Crowned bust rt
AR 6s similar
AR 2s Rose/thistle
AR 1s similar C struck of I
——————-2nd coinage issue————————————————
AR Half Merk Crowned bust left
AR 40d similar
AR 20d similar
——————-3rd coinage issue————————————————
AU Unite Bust rt w/sword & orb r/shield
AU 1/2 Unite
AU 1/4 Unite (British Crown)
AU 1/8 Unite (British Half-Crown)
AR 60s (King on horseback riding Left)
AR 30s similar (Falconer’s 2nd issue)
AR 12s Crowned Bust Left
AR 6s similar
AR Half Merk Crowned bust left
AR 40d similar
AR 20d similar
AR 3sh
AR 2sh
AE 2d triple thistle / standing Lion
AE 1d similar
AE 2d Crown over II / flower
AE 2d Crown over CR / thisle

Charles II
AR 4 Merks (53s 4d) Laurel Bust r / 4 shields
AR 2 Merks similar
AR Merk similar
AR Half Merk similar
—————-2nd Issue—————————————————–
AR dollar Bust Left / shields
AR Half Dollar similar
AR Quarter Dollar similar
AR Eighth dollar
AR Sixteenth dollar similar
AE 2d Copper Crowned CR
AE Bawbee (6d Scots) Bust Left/ Crowned thistle
AE Turner or Bodle Crown over crossed swords

James VII of England
AR 60s Restrike of 1828 Bust Laurel rt
AR 40s Laurel Bust Rt / Shield
AR 10s Laurel Bust rt / 4 shields

William & Mary
AR 60s Conjoined Busts
AR 20s similar
AR 10s similar
AR 5s similar
AE Bawbee busts left / leaved thristle
AE Bodle or Turner Crowned WM Monogram

William II (William III of England)
AU Pistole (12lb Scots 106 grs 22ct) Laurel Bust Left/ Shield
AU 1/2 Pistole
AR 40s Lurel bust left / shield
AR 20s similar
AR 10s similar
AR 5s similar
AE Bawbee Busr left / leaved thistle
AE Bodle Crown over crossed swords

—————Before Union with England—————————————
AR 10s Draped Bust Left
AR 5s similar
——————–After English Union——————————————–
AR Crown
AR Halfcrown
AR Shilling
AR Sixpence

James VIII (old pretender)
AR Crown (Restrike)

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