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Archbishops of York

732-900 AD

Monetary System

In the area of England known as York, where Constantine I the Great was first hailed as Emperor of Rome, the monetary system of the late 8th century AD was based upon a small silver sceat. We do fins a gold solidus issued by Wigmund (837-854) reflecting that there was a strong inflationary influence during this period as was the case in Northumbria. In both places, the silver sceat suffered from a major debasement trend to the point that silver disappeared from circulation and the sceat was replaced with a copper coin.

Archbishops of York

Ecgberht (732-766)

AR Sceat

Eanbald II (796-830)

AE Sceat

Wigmund (837-854)

AU Soldius
AE Sceat

Wulfhere (854-900)

AE Sceat

The Monetary History of the World
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