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William and Mary – 1688-1694

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William & Mary

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Mary II was the wife of William III, and the daughter ofKing James II by his queen, Anne Hyde, daughter of the Earl of Clarendon. Mary was born in 1662. At the age of 15 she was married to William, Prince of Orange, whom she followed to England in 1689. The same year parliament having declared the crown vacant by the abdication of James, conferred it upon William and Mary. She died of the small-pox, December 28th,1694, aged 32.

Monetary System


AU 5 Guineas
AU 2 Guineas
AU Guinea
AU Half-Guinea
AR Crown
AR Half-Crown
AR Shilling
AR Sixpence
AR Fourpence
AR Threepence
AR Twopence
AR Penny
AE Half Penny
AE Half Penny (TIN)
AE Farthing
AE Farthing (TIN)

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