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Edward VIII – 1936

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Edward VIII



Edward VIII was heir to the rone of Great Britain. However, due to the fact that he wished to marry a divorced American woman, Edward VIII abdicated his throne on December 10th, 1936. Other than a nickel-brass threepence, no coins were released for circulation or presentation.

Monetary System

edward 8

Three Pence Actually Issued the Recalled

Note: The three pence was the only actualy denomination coined and released and quickly recalled. All other denominations are known only from patterns intended for mintage but never formally released.


Æ Nickel-Brass 3 Pence (Actually Issued)

Patterns never issued

AU 5 Pounds
AU 2 Pounds
AU 1 Pound
AR Crown
AR Halfcrown
AR Florin
AR Scotish Schilling
AR Schilling
AR 6 pence
AR 3 pence
AE 3 pence (brass)
Æ Penny
Æ Halfpenny
Æ Farthing

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