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Battle between Knowledge & Prejudice

(A look at the field of economic analysis)

British Inflation & Labor Party

(A warning to Bank of England)

Changing Monetary Policy:

(A look at the failures of the Keynesian Model)

Rise & Fall of the CPI

(A look at how government manipulates inflation statistics)

Crisis in Democracy

(A look at how democracy suffers as national debts explode)

Cycle of Political Change

(A forecast for 1994 US elections)

Debt Crisis

(A collection special reports on this critical issue)

Is Debt Inflationary?

(A look at government debt & the economy)

Deflation vs Inflation

(A look at these forces for ’90s)

Earthquakes and Economics

(A look at how earthquakes have changed the economy)

Grand Unified Theory

(Physics and its relation to Economics)

A Brief History of World Interest Rates

(An important study of the history of interest rates from 3000BC- date)

A Theory of Non-Linear Intervention

(Look at intervention)

Leverage & Interest

(A look at how borrowing & leverage)

Living with the Business Cycle

(A look at how the business cycle works)

The Paper Chase

(Brief history of paper money)

In Search of Utopia

(A look at man’s quest for the perfect world)

Suppy vs Demand

(Practical look at supply & demand)

Supply vs Demand-Side Economics

(A realistic investigation)

Three Faces of Inflation

(A look at the various types of inflation)


(The great social disease)