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The Two Most Dangerous Ideas

  There are two ideas that have been responsible for killing more people than anything in history and they both came from the French elite. The first was the idea that land was wealth. This was propagated by the Physiocrats who argued agriculture was the wealth of a nation. Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was […]

The Secret Agenda

During the late 1970s, I was chairman of the American Gold Council for one year. I had to fly around the USA and do a media tour. It taught me a lot about how it is done. You fly into a city and you do the newspapers, radio, and TV shows. You hop on the […]

European Civil Unrest on the Rise – Rome & Paris this Weekend

Putin just has to sit back and watch for with two months before the European elections, the season for protests has begun. Literally, tens of thousands in Paris and Rome have taken to the streets demonstrating against the austerity policies of their governments that line their pockets and the bankers. Masked demonstrators fought before the Ministry of Economic Affairs […]