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The Food Will Make You Sick – Lab-Grown Meat Approved in US

Americans need to be extremely careful when food shopping as the US government approved fully lab-grown meat. They could be serving this at a restaurant near you without your knowledge. The meat is made from pre-cancerous animal cells as they’re the most likely to replicate. They then shape this lab-grown unknown product into whatever shape […]

Dutch Study on Banning Investors from Buying Real Estate

Dutch researchers at the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus released a study entitled “Buy-to-Live vs. Buy-to-Let: The Impact of Real Estate Investors on Housing Costs and Neighborhoods.” The study examined a legal Dutch ban on buy-to-let or rental investments. Researchers studied home prices, sales, and the demographics of residents in areas with this law. “Our […]

Oxford’s Protests Against 15-Minute Cities

@starseed65♬ original sound – Starseed65 Those who see what is coming are beginning to resist the Great Reset. Ultimately, their plan to create a one-world government will fail but it will take firm resistance. As one reader mentioned, English residents of Oxford began protesting the 15-minute city concept in March. Thousands of people took to […]

Food Police in New York to Track Residents’ Consumption

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has unveiled one of the most intrusive plans to date. On track with the World Economic Forum, NYC plans to reduce food-based emissions by 33% by 2030 (Agenda 2030—look it up, people). The Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice wants the people to eat more plant-based meals and […]

Bank Failures – A Push for CBDC?

Monday saw the largest banking failure in the US since 2008 after First Republic went under, marking the third death of a US bank this year. Regulators took possession of the bank this Monday and JPMorgan Chase will acquire the majority of the bank’s assets and remaining deposits worth around $92 billion. First Republic Bank’s […]

Greenpeace to Ditch Greta

Reports are circulating that Greenpeace may soon ditch their poster child for climate change, Greta Thunberg. The Swedish activist was pushed to fame as a child and became notorious for passionate speeches that she was likely forced to read and believe. Klaus Schwab even featured the young girl in his film, “The Forum,” to promote […]

Australia – One Giant Step for Klaus Schwab – You Will Own Nothing!

Believe it or not, Australia wants to buy your home. Under the scheme, homebuyers will no longer need to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which will save the people potentially more than $30,000. The initial proposal is they will buy 40% of your home. Like the income tax was only to be for the rich, […]

Elon Musk for President? Evil Lurking Inside Twitter

QUESTION: Twitter retested the low on your ECM date and the whole rally began from that target. Did Socrates predict what Musk was going to do? And btw, would you support Elon Musk for President? Have you ever met Musk? He is into AI as well. DH ANSWER: Well the answer would be yes, but […]

Inflation & the Cost of Labor = Unemployment Decline of the USA

To me, it is fascinating how everything dovetails in together when the computer is monitoring everything on a global scale. The projection that unemployment could reach 15% in 2020 not only came true, but it did so tied into the whole COVID scam which has provided the mechanism for government control over the population and […]

Trudeau Cuts Backroom Deal to Stay in Power Until at Least 2025

One long-term Canadian client just wrote to me saying: “Never thought that its was possible that Alberta would actually split from Canada but with this new coalition in place to 2025, it is now possible. Guaranty of Green mandate, free pharma, basic income and tax the banks … why no get the banks to reduce […]