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Gates Funding Genetically Altered Mosquitoes

Oxford-based genetic engineering firm Oxitec has announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new strain of mosquitoes to combat the spread of malaria. However, while the Gates Foundation has focused on the Mosquito, there has been a covert engineering project to develop a mosquito that spreads vaccine instead of disease. This has […] read more

Defunding Police – Is This the Right Choice or the Next Step in Revolution?

All of the protests making this a racist issue have distorted the real problem which remains immunity created by the Supreme Court. We must look at these protests in their historical context for calling them simply racist rather than abuse of power hides them from the view of these events forming part of a revolutionary […] read more

COVID Rules Make No Sense

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Clip from Margaret Thatcher’s 1975 Free Society Speech

Market Talk – June 12, 2020

ASIA: Twitter has removed more than 170,000 accounts from its platform after the social media site found state-linked influence campaigns from China focusing on Hong Kong protests, Covid-19, and the US protests in relation to George Floyd. The company announced on Thursday that 23,750 core accounts, and 150,000 “amplifier” accounts that boosted the content posted […] read more

Illinois First State to Get Free Money from Fed

Illinois became the first entity to borrow from the Fed’s new facility known as the “Municipal Liquidity Facility” for state and local governments. The Fed’s legal authority lies in section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act. This authorizes the Fed to directly lend to “individuals, partnerships and corporations” in “unusual and exigent circumstances.” Section 13(3) […] read more

The Supreme Court is the Source of this Civil Unrest

QUESTION: Is the rioting and social injustice taking place not the failure of Barak Obama? Or is was his failure part of the cause of this? I am not trying to deflect from the police consistently getting away with murder, they should all be locked up for their crimes. Maybe putting it all on Barak […] read more

Hong Kong & Sanctions

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Hong Kong is the source for US dollars for China. If Trump imposes serious sanctions, this would actually lead to a shortage of dollars in Asia. What do you see as a possibility in the middle of this madness? HJ ANSWER: The actual composition of the sanction from the United States remains […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – Complexity of Markets – Unexpected Consequences

PRIVATE BLOG – Complexity of Markets – Unexpected Consequences Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit read more

Market Talk – June 11, 2020

ASIA: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that he would not be intimidated or give into coercion when asked on Thursday whether Australia would keep taking hits on exports from major trading partner China. “We are an open-trading nation, mate, but I’m never going to trade our values in response to coercion from wherever it […] read more