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Is Copper the New Gold?

Electric cars are rapidly entering the market. This is causing more than just a decline in the demand for oil. The i8 BMW is a hybrid that still has a combustion engine in the back and an electric in the front. This car gets 78 miles to the gallon. It has a purely electric top […] read more

Gold Promoters – Here We Go Again

Trying to argue with a Gold Promoter is trying to argue with a Democrat that they should be a Republican. It will never happen because it is their life and how they make money. If we look at the commodity sector as a whole, in 1919 Wheat was 356. It reached in 2008 13500. That […] read more

The Precious Metals – The Bounce?

  The metals bottomed during the week of November 3rd on schedule. It now appears if we achieve that rally we outline in the International Precious Metals Outlook, then a high on that seasonal target would tend to warn that we will decline to new lows once more falling into the Benchmark targets. So far […] read more

The Forecaster, DVD (Documentary Film)

This is a documentary film focusing on the story of Martin Armstrong, a world-renowned global economist who developed a computer model based on the number Pi and other cyclical theories to predict economic turning points with eerie accuracy. As Armstrong's popularity grew based on his forecasting success trouble arose as government agencies became more interested in his work and his dealings with global banks and financial institutions. This is his story, The Forecaster.

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The Future Explained – What is Unfolding & the Connections in the Global Economy

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I must say, you are the father of market analysis and I can see how the uninitiated are lost in their concept of fundamentals still see you are the person who manipulates the world economy. When they are totally lost in the cavities within their mind they cannot see beyond the linear […] read more

Climate Change Has Not Impacted Polar Bears

There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut that it is posing a risk to humans. Climate Change hasn’t yet affected polar bears and reports are to be released which defy the Global Warming agenda. As long as government funds only Global Warming research to support new tax schemes, we run the risk […] read more