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The Sovereign Debt & Pension Crisis Expanding

While the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Trump along with Republican political elites such John McCain, and the shadow elites fund protests, stopping Trump will accomplish nothing for the corrupt socialists state is collapsing. This is the year we had forecast back in 1985 for the Sovereign Debt Crisis to being and […] read more

The Pension Crisis & Interest Rate Nightmare

We are preparing a very important report on the Global Pension Crisis and the Interest Rate Nightmare that we face. Government will not reform. There will be no HYPERINFLATION because they have no intent upon just printing to meet obligations. That historically has taken place only in governments that are in the process of revolution, […] read more

The Pension Crisis – & – The Crash & Burn

QUESTION:  Hi Marty – Question: You have blogged about the pension crisis and how Illinois and California on the brink of bankruptcy. Does this mean that other states which you don’t mention, like Florida, Texas, and New York, are financially sound and are going to be able to pay out pensions to their retirees for […] read more

The German Pension Crisis to Become a Political Issue as in Italy

The Pension Crisis is starting to be noticed in Europe. The German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz is arguing that the federal government has to guarantee the pension level until 2040. He is arguing that the government MUST come up with a plausible financing model which seems actually impossible. The increase in taxes to cover pension that […] read more

The Public Pension Crisis is Our Undoing

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you for explaining the difference between a public employee pension and those we have in the real world. The fact that the bulk of these people never contributed to a pension was shocking. How is this going to be resolved? GH ANSWER: It will not end well. Government employees have the defined-benefit […] read more

The Pension Crisis is Starting to Explode

At the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, yields an annual income of only $15,080. This is below the annual poverty line. It also reflects something that most people are unaware of — in Illinois, there are more than 19,000 retired teachers who get OVER $100,000 per […] read more

The Pension Crisis Coming to a Boil

The BBC has come out and reported that three million savers in Britain in what is known as final-salary pension schemes only have a 50/50 chance of receiving the payouts they were promised, a study has concluded. We issued a special report on the rising Pension Crisis and it has been unfolding on schedule. The […] read more

The Pension Crisis Will Break Up the EU

The German public broadcast agency ARD is proposing structural changes. Due to the low-interest rates, the ECB has placed the agency in hard times with its pensions. Karola Wille, the director, has called for structural reform to reduce costs. The proposal centers on technological change to increase efficiency in the performance of its mandate. They are […] read more

The 401K – The Pension Crisis Coming Your Way 2017

COMMENT: Martin, A few weeks ago (12/13/2016) my wife received a notice from her company about changes to her 401K and I thought I was in a Kafka film. The notice basically identified “the investment elections you can make and the actions that will occur if you do not make you elections by the deadlines […] read more

Pension Crisis – Congress is Unable to Act Because of Gridlock

Trump has called the Democrats the do-nothings. All they have been focused on is impeaching Trump for the polls they are looking at behind the curtain all show Trump will beat whoever they put up as their candidate. the motto has been – if you can’t beat him, impeach him. There is no other area […] read more