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The Sling Shot Move — How Long Would it Last?

QUESTION:  Hi Martin…can you explain more what you meant but what you said below? Does this mean a long correction that will last thru out this year or longer? or will it just be thru march ..then bottom and head back up thru 2017..? Confused here…what is the …extension mean exactly? Is that an uptrend […] read more

Dow Jones – OMG – A Possible Sling-Shot Move?

  We closed right on our 17195 target and then the Dow closed above 17143 providing another buy signal yesterday and that warned of a move further to the upside. Especially when we fell right to the Bearish Reversal at 15960 and held. Exceeding Thursday’s high is a serious issue. We now must realize that […] read more

The Postponement – Slingshot Move

QUESTION: Marty, at the Conference you said we could conclude this in the first quarter if we get the alignment. It does not look like we will get the alignment since gold is up and the Dow is down. This is why you have been saying this looked like it was postponing into 2017? ANSWER: […] read more

Slingshot v Phase Transition

QUESTION: You’ve just mentioned there remains a chance for gold to perform a slingshot move downward and then up in January. Does it still appear the Dow will slingshot (make a new low) also even though it has recently broken to new highs? S ANSWER: We achieved the slingshot in the S&P and the NASDAQ, and I have previously […] read more

Instructional Video: Slingshot Moves

Above is an instructional video example explaining slingshot moves and their timing For future reference, this video can be found under our “Models” section.   read more

Slingshot vs. Phase Transition – WHEN?

QUESTION: Marty, Thank you for the WEC. The more I reflect on my notes the more I begin to understand you really opened my eyes to see the world much differently. So you said we would go down first and then flip. You also warned that it was not yet conclusive between the Sling Shot […] read more

Is a Slingshot Move Setting Up?

We have penetrated last year’s low in the cash S&P500, but not in the Dow yet. The Yearly Bearish does not come into play until we get to the bottom of the upward channel. Penetrating last year’s low is indeed setting the stage for the Slingshot. Everything on our models is clearly pointing to this […] read more

Dow & Confusion

  QUESTION: Martin; I read with much interest your latest post that appears to be very bullish on the US share market. On 10/14/14 you posted the following: ” If we were to make new lows and fall to test the 15900-16000 level this week, then a rally back into November 3rd week is possible with […] read more

Dow – Down & Dirty?

The Dow has been bouncing off the Reversals as well. Despite being above 17800, it would fail to close above that. The question becomes WHEN will the Dow breakout to test new highs with the next target zone in the 21,000 to 23,000 area? With the closing on Friday below the first Minor Weekly Bearish […] read more

Markets in Review for the Close of Q1 2016

When you have a consistent system that is running on absolutely everything around the world, you can simply look at it dispassionately and judge everything by the same standards. In gold, euro, Canadian dollar, DAX, and many other markets, we generally moved to weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reversals and then stopped shy of electing them. This typically reflects […] read more