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Yellen Aims to Send Frozen Russian Assets to Ukraine

Russian assets frozen by the West have been sitting idle for three years. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is urging the G20 to liquidate nearly $300 billion in stolen assets and send it to Ukraine. “It is necessary and urgent for our coalition to find a way to unlock the value of these immobilized assets […]

Yellen Believes People are Better off Post-Pandemic

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is proof that the establishment is completely clueless when it comes to the lives of the average citizen. “People are better off than they were pre-pandemic,” Yellen touted on national news last week. Perhaps she meant to say “politicians” rather than people, and no, one cannot point at rising US indexes […]

Yellen is at it Again – Get Those Damn Americans

After Janet Yellen dared to say the IRS needed to track $600 transactions on eBay and CashApps to get the rich, now it is going after those people who are taking money out of the banks and buying real estate for cash. These disgusting Americans have to be hunted down like the English did to […]

Yellen Says America Has Not Done Enough for Ukraine

Janet Yellen never has anything of value to say, but she is the US Treasury Secretary and a mouthpiece for the globalists. Janet Yellen believes that Europe needs “us [USA] to do our part for this to hold together as a package,” despite sending Ukraine more funding than any other nation. Yellen said it is […]

Yellen: We Can Certainly Afford Two Wars

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen does not live in reality. She is not a trusted source of information but rather a Deep State puppet who pushes propaganda unsuccessfully. Yellen wants you to believe that America’s economy is stronger than ever with unlimited funds for all besides the actual citizens who pay taxes. When asked if America […]

Yellen: Most Americans Feel Good About Their Own Economic Situation

How does Janet Yellen still have a job? She is completely out of touch and merely a mouthpiece for the political elite. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had the audacity to claim that most Americans are happy with their financial situation despite every bit of data indicating otherwise. “So, they seem to perceive the economy as […]

Yellen & Biden Should be Impeached to Save America?

Janet Yellen has become way too partisan to be a trustworthy government official. Since Biden now says he will nominate a Latina for Fed governor regardless if they are qualified or not is precisely why SVB failed for starters. Everyone just wants to be WOKE and hire people based entirely on their race or gender […]

Yellen Admits Truth Behind the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act has only increased inflation. Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen came out and admitted the truth – the act’s entire premise is to push the climate change agenda forward. “The Inflation Reduction Act is, at its core, about turning the climate crisis into an economic opportunity,” Yellen admitted. It provided […]

Yellen Direct IRS to Audit Everyone for $600 Transactions Anyway

I really do have to wonder if my dog is smarter than most Americans who seem to have just lost their minds. My dog makes connections, anticipates what I will do, and studies my habits to predict and respond. I never knew a dog was really smart. She has learned numerous words and I have […]

Southwest Airlines Backs Dow And Yellen Forced to Back Down

I have direct contact with many pilots at Southwest and they were reporting that weather had nothing to do with the 1,000 flights that were canceled. Now, the airline was forced to back down and unvaccinated employees can remain. Pilots have been concerned that those who were vaccinated developed blood clots and could no longer […]