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Lower-Income Americans and Republicans Least Likely to Switch to EVs

I explained how the private sector does not wish to switch to EVs amid high production costs and low demand. A recent Gallup Poll found that Americans do not want to own an EV, and the plans to eliminate fossil fuels do not align with the wishes of the people. Around 7% of respondents, up […]

Interview: Gold, European Banks, Real Estate, EVs, Marxism

Martin Armstrong: (8:38) Gold, European Banks, Real Estate, EVs, Marxism

Auto Dealers Oppose Switch to EVs

Governments worldwide are pushing for clean energy without a reliable alternative. Electric vehicles (EVs) are sitting stagnant on lots as the demand is simply not there for a variety of obvious reasons. Over 3,000 auto dealers from all 50 states penned a letter to President Joe Biden, explaining that his target of forcing 50% of […]

Let Them Drive EVs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is targeting gas vehicles in an attempt to reduce emissions. Their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 10 billion tons before 2055 to “protect public health.” In turn, 67% of new personal vehicles will be electric by 2032. The average price of an electric vehicle (EV) is $64,338 and […]

Auto Manufacturers Compete to Create EVs

As gas prices soar, the plan to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) seems more appealing to the average consumer which is the secret behind the curtain to make gasoline too expensive to use. The US will now require auto manufacturers to meet a fleetwide average of 55 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2026, which is […]

US Implements High Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Worsening relations with China, the United States just hit China with a new wave of extremely high tariffs. Around $18 billion worth of Chinese goods will be affected, but the White House deems the tariffs necessary to help American industry. Washington wants everyone to drive an electric vehicle, so long as it is not produced […]

Republicans v the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency

The federal US government insists 60% of all new car production must be electric by 2030 – six years away. I have explained numerous times how this is unsustainable for US infrastructure, the private sector, and the average American consumer. Now, 13 Republican-led states are taking the federal government to the US Court of Appeals […]

The Progress on National EV Charging Stations

Governments globally are in a rush to transition away from fossil fuels. The US government threw $7.5 billion at the fabricated problem in 2022 to build a network of  EV charging stations. The Infrastructure Law of November 2021 promised to build half a million charging stations throughout the nation by 2030. So, how is the […]

Why I Old Buy Old Cars

The Climate Zealots are intent upon ending the Industrial Revolution, for most are just brainwashed fools, as illustrated by throwing soup on major oil paintings, because they are so STUPID and just hear the word oil, and it must be evil. You paint using linseed oil – not crude oil. What can I say? These […]

14th Amendment & Punishing the South

  Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution calls for reducing representation in the U.S. House of Representatives for any state, denying voters the right to vote, which was designed to prevent the Southern states from disenfranchising black citizens after the Civil War. However, Section 2 makes an exception for denying voting […]