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Global Cooling Warning to the President

On December 3, 1972, Brown University wrote to the president concerning the climate changing back to a potential Ice Age. Because our models have been divided by time, it is much easier to distinguish short-term changes in trend from the long-term. What is fascinating is that even a decade of rising temperatures leads people to […] read more

Do We Face Global Cooling or an Ice Age?

QUESTION #1: You expect global cooling due to the decrease in solar energy. Why do glaciers melt? MG QUESTION #2: Now that the Greenland Glacier is growing, is this part of the shift back toward global cooling? Do you think we are headed to an ice age? FH ANSWER: There appears to be a 20-year […] read more

1816 & Global Cooling from Volcanoes

COMMENT: Marty, the NASA study is absolutely correct. I work in a different area of geological observations. When a volcano erupts, the ash creates global cooling reflecting the sunlight. You are correct that this global warming is a tax agenda. Thanks for spreading the word Anonymous REPLY: Yes. Go to the beach on a partly […] read more

Solar Physicist Sees Global Cooling Ahead

While the government is using the global warming theory to raise taxes, the real danger is global cooling. The significance of being unprepared means that we will face a rising threat of a food shortage in the years ahead. This is the real danger of global cooling. It does appear that we are looking at […] read more

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected

  The danger from the Global Warming crowd is that they are misleading the entire world and preventing us from what is dangerously unfolding that sparks the rapid decline in civilization – GLOBAL COOLING. I previously warned that this is not my opinion, but simply our computer. If it were really conscious it would be […] read more

NASA Says Fossil Fuels Cause Global Cooling — not Warming

A new study out by NASA has people dumbfounded for it shows that burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees actually causes global COOLING — not WARMING. Burning fossil fuels give off aerosols which reflect sunlight and thus lower temperatures. This study is being widely reported in many areas, except Washington. read more

Global Cooling is Real – Major Temperature Low 2046?

  While NASA has now confirmed that the outer atmosphere is getting cooler, it seems desperately insane for people to keep denying the possibility the Global Cooling is taking place rather than Global Warming when the former brings famine and the latter brings economic expansion as civilizations rise. The rise of Rome was due to […] read more

The History of Climate Change — Empires Fall When Warming Turns to Cooling

QUESTION:  Hi Martin I have a question I hope you can find time to answer. It appears we are heading into dark times with regards to the convergence of all of these cycles. We have government hunting every penny, we have civil war heating up between the left and right, we have revolution against government, […] read more

Sea Ice Has Expanded Hundreds of Miles — Welcome Global Cooling!

We had the third perfect summer here in New Jersey. The temperature never really went above 95° F with no humidity. The last three years have been perfect as humidity used to be brutal, although not as bad as places like Tokyo. The sun energy output is dropping rapidly and we are heading into a colder […] read more

The Clear & Present Danger of a Global Cooling not Warming

This year will be much colder for Europe than the last three. It will also be cold in the USA. We are in a global cooling period and all the data we have in our computer system warns that the earth is turning cold not warm. This will manifest in a commodity boom in agriculture […] read more