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Christian Persecutions in the US

The Roe v. Wade repeal has led to a widespread string of attacks on Christians across the United States. Sadly, these people do not realize that blue states will remain largely unaffected by this verdict. The decision will simply be made at the state level. Persecutions against Christians are on the rise and independent branches […]

Christian Persecution Celebrated on Roman Coins

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The Romans seem to have issued coins to celebrate everything. Did they ever issue coins celebrating the Christian persecutions? ZR ANSWER: Oh yes. The coin above celebrates precisely that — the Christian persecutions. There was a major active campaign of persecuting the Christians during the 3rd century as the barbarians were storming the […]

Major Banks Debanking Christians

Debanking has become a major issue in recent years as institutions feel the current government gives them leeway to discriminate against customers based on their political beliefs. This is happening throughout the Western world. Most recently, fifteen attorneys general sent a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan about his bank’s “troubling financial pattern” […]

Persecution – An Economic Symptom?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is it true that in Spain under Isabella demanded all Muslims convert or leave Spain? Are we facing such a cycle again when we look at the hostility that is growing over religion? KG ANSWER: That is an interesting question. As far as a major religious uprising, we are probably looking at that […]

Religious Persecutions have impacted Political-Economy

QUESTION: hi martin question for you if we fed the data and all the info you had on ISLAM – CHRISTIANITY – JUDAISM etc and all other religions into SOCRATES and ask it …..what would its preferred choice be ……of RELIGION and what should the world follow…………what would SOCRATES say? have you ever tried this thought […]

Is Christianity in Decline?

Pope Francis is rather concerned about what he calls a “hemorrhage” of priests and nuns from the Catholic church. Indeed, the loss of clergy is weakening the church over the past decades. The Pope commented on how nuns and priests have just quit claiming that modern society discourages lifelong commitments as in the soaring divorce rate. […]

Islam v Christianity Part II

This contest between Islam and Christianity is primarily at the elite level. The bulk of those in Turkey do not support the idea of returning to the days of old. Of course, both Hitler and Napoleon dreamed about resurrecting the Roman Empire. By no means did this same dream infect the general population. These types […]

Gallienus Debasement Set

This is a Set of three coins of Gallienus is a floating frame illustrating the debasement of the collapse of Rome. Included, will be an autographed copy of this chart which has become so widely cited as the image of just how fast Rome truly fell.

Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus was the son of the emperor Valerian I. Gallienus was raised to the rank of co-emperor (Augustus) soon after his father was hailed Augustus by his troops. He was in charge of defending against the German hordes invading from the North. His father went off to defend against the East where the Persians were invading. In battle, Valerian I was captured and turned into a Royal Slave in 260AD. Upon his death, he is said to have been stuffed as a trophy. It took just 8.6 years for the collapse of the Roman Monetary System. The barbarians in the North assumed if the Persians could capture the emperor, then so could they, and invaded to the point they reached Milan. Subsequently, Aurelian who came to power in 270AD constructed the wall around Rome.

The collapse in the Roman Monetary System I put together by actually testing the coins minted each year is reflected in this table between 253AD and 268AD when Gallienus was effectively assassinated because of the monetary collapse. Christian persecutions became a major effort as the Romans blamed the Christians for angering the gods.

253 0.5145
254 0.40425
255 0.40425
256 0.40425
257 0.35
258 0.33
259 0.33
260 0.3135
261 0.297
262 0.264
263 0.231
264 0.198
265 0.165
266 0.091
267 0.022
268 0.022


Soul of a Nation

QUESTION: You have said that a nation’s true wealth is not its gold but its people. Would you say that what makes the people different from nation to nation is their customs and culture? Is Soros’s Open Society destroying civilization by opening borders and undermining our culture? He is doing what Marx did and has […]

Nero the Antichrist – Deep State & Fake News

Nero’s reputation has been the consequence of ancient fake news that to this day, distorts the man and what he stood against for his attempt to drain the swamp. Many in Antiquity were claiming that Nero was the AntiChrist. No doubt, there was even an academic consensus that Nero should be identified with the various […]