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Will Big Tech Replace all the Banks?

COMMENT: Marty, It’s now so obvious…but no one has more to gain with the lockdown(and more to lose with its lifting) than Big Tech. The lockdown destroyed small and medium sized business, especially those that are in private hands. These were the real target of the lockdown…private property….collapse these businesses and you go at the […] read more

BigTech – Replacing Banks

QUESTION: Can you explain how using Jack Dorsey’s financial tools are another way Americans are surrendering their freedoms. Although the transaction fees are a fraction of banks and the time duration are almost instant. Thanks – although after years or writing into your block/contact I’ve yet to have a reply N ANSWER: Back in 2020, […] read more

The Big Capital Shift – Economic Future of Uncertainty

Capital is flowing like never before. While governments are talking Great Reset and the IMF is pushing for abandoning paper money moving to a cryptocurrency in hopes that the next stage will be for the IMF version to replace the dollar as the reserve currency, the smart money is on the move. Everything from housing […] read more

Understanding BIG BANG 2015.75

The Trading Money Center New York bankers did a brilliant sales job on policymakers, central bankers, and economists that the way to stabilize the world economy was to securitize everything. This combined with what they called the “Originate and Distribute Model” would lead to the promised-land in finance.  Indeed, financial intermediation has changed dramatically over […] read more

Big Bang – Sovereign Debt Crisis

The Sovereign Debt Crisis is unfolding on schedule. I have warned at the Philadelphia Conference that half of Germany’s municipalities are on the edge of bankruptcy as was the case with Detroit. Instead of reform, no, government just increases the tax burden upon the people who they see having an endless supply of money to be […] read more

Why Tapering is No Big Deal

This insane focus of the Fed’s options — “tapering” or not, misses the entire point. Most people admit that the whole quantitative easing has failed. True, the unemployment rate has fallen from a peak of 10% in 2010 to 7% today and the Fed’s target it claims is to keep short-term rates a near zero until […] read more

Market Talk – July 12, 2022

ASIA: India is set to surpass China as the world’s most populous country in 2023, with each counting more than 1.4 billion residents this year, a United Nations report said on Monday, warning that high fertility would challenge economic growth. The world’s population, estimated to reach 8 billion by Nov. 15 this year, could grow […] read more

The Refusal to Understand Economics

Once upon a time, I use to respect The Economist. I even took the back cover in July 1985 to announce that the Economic Confidence Model was beginning a new 51.6-year Cycle that was a Private Wave that would ultimately peak in 2032. I boldly announced the bottom in gold and the peak in the […] read more

Answering Your Questions

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong. I am confused because you have stated many times that we are approaching the end of globalization, while at the same time saying the Great Reset, which is full globalization, is coming. Please explain. Thanks for your blog. JS ANSWER: Schwab’s Great Reset is the ATTEMPT to create a one-world government. Nonetheless, […] read more

The Real Backdrop Nobody Will Discuss

  The only way to avoid World War III is to listen to both sides. The refusal to listen ensures that we will move into World War III, and this is not my opinion; unfortunately, our computer has never been wrong, for it is unbiased. It called BREXIT when nobody else did, and also forecast […] read more