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Russian Textbooks Revised: US Rigged 2020 Presidential Election

Russian schools are teaching the youth that America rigged its own election in 2020. Students in the 11th grade have posted excerpts from their revised textbooks to the internet. Newsweek requested a copy from the publisher, Sonin, who declared that everything published is factual and approved by Sergei Kravstov, Russia’s minister of education. Rough translation […]

Hillary: If Trump Wins it Will Be the End of All Elections

Hillary Clinton has a new scapegoat for her failed presidential elections – women. Women, or the 50% of the population, that many Democrats refuse even to define or acknowledge. While promoting her book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America,” Clinton vocalized that losing the female vote potentially cost her the election. […]

The Largest Presidential Rally in NJ History

The largest presidential rally in the history of New Jersey occurred over the weekend on May 11. Donald A crowd of around 100,000 came together to listen to former President Donald Trump and show their support for his re-election campaign. Could New Jersey flip red once again? New Jersey voted Democrat in Trump’s 2016 presidential […]

Where is the POTUS?

America needs a strong leader to restore law and order in our society. Our leadership has chosen to create division and cause neighbors to turn on neighbors. We are facing the highest national debt in US history, lower purchasing power, inflation that will not wane, a sharp wave in crime, a housing crisis, two proxy […]

Why Trump Can Only be Put on Trial by Congress – Not the Department of Justice

QUESTION: I would love to hear your legal comments on Trump’s immunity claim. EP ANSWER: I would approach this from a geopolitical and practical manner. Trump MUST be completely immune from bringing any criminal or civil charges against him by the government when he is President – yes, even if he killed someone and shot […]

Low Voter Turnout Expected for 2024 US Presidential Election

The public has political fatigue. The 24/7 media cycle has been promoting political divide for years. The last election saw an outcome that was in contrast to the will of the people. No one on either side actually believes Joe Biden secured 81 million votes to become the most popular candidate in US history. Half […]

Democrats Indicting 18 Republicans in Arizona For Claiming Trump Won 2020

We now have another Democrat screwing with the 2024 election to ensure they win. Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes manipulated a grand jury in Arizona on Wednesday, indicting 18 Republicans with conspiracy, fraud, and forgery for submitting a document to Congress “falsely” declaring that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in Arizona during the 2020 presidential […]

Judge Merchan’s Trial Will Destroy USA Like Trial of William Penn

New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan is a seasoned jurist who is no stranger to Trump’s orbit. He has presided over the Trump Organization tax fraud trial, sentenced the former president’s close confidant Allen Weisselberg to prison over his role in the scheme, and overseen former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s criminal fraud case. There […]

Google and Election Interference

  Anyone with access to the internet from 2019 to 2020 can tell you that Google did, in fact, meddle in the 2020 US Presidential Elections in favor of then-candidate Joe Biden. Media Research Center found that Google interfered 41 times over the last 16 years, which is a drastic underestimation. Google continues to interfere […]

Request from Belarus

QUESTION: I have been referred by the Embassy of Belarus in South Africa Ambassador, to contact the Armstrong Economics team.This is pertaining the publication as follows: Request is as follows: Armstrong Economics team to please share evidence of this article as published in Sept 2020Thanks in advance. Kind regards S.D. ANSWER: Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, […]