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The Liquidity Crisis


The Liquidity Crisis
Over the past conferences, we have warned that we will be moving into a liquidity
crisis, for the amount of capital invested in global bonds often reaches 10:1 relative to
equities. While people constantly point to the dollar and it just has to collapse, they
remain obvious to the international crisis at hand. Global debt has reached $226 trillion,
with federal sovereign debt coming in at about $60 trillion. The US Treasury market is
about $24 trillion. The crisis in the bond market in the UK is just the tip of the iceberg.
With the rise of uncertainly and our insane leaders pushing for World War III to destroy
Russia for Climate Change since 50% of the GDP is energy production, the smart
money is starting to run away from the long-term, and in the process, we will see as a
byproduct of this Liquidity Crisis, rising volatility and a very dark financial future for the
bond markets

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