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Coronavirus & Next Great Depression


This is special report produced in two days to cover all the urgent topics arising from what has been the Hype of the Century – Coronavirus Scare. This report explains in detail the evolution of how Socrates came into existence. In so doing, Martin Armstrong has reveal his journey because the most critical factor he wants to get across is that this report is NOT based upon his personal biased opinion. This has been a scientific quest to create a system that is reliable, trustworthy, and cannot be bribed nor does it have any conflict of interest.

What is so important to understand is that Socrates has seen this coming on so many levels which include the risk of Revolution ins Europe, rising Civil Unrest as the insanity of shutting down the world economy will destroy small businesses in third world countries entirely. The Great Depression was profound because it also represented a Creative Wave of economic destruction. The invention of the combustion engine displaced jobs in agriculture combined with the natural disaster of the Dust Bowl, that unemployment reached about 25% and the agricultural industry which employed 40% of the civil workforce in 1900, had collapsed to just 3% post-World War II.

We have also a Creative Wave of Economic Destruction ongoing right now before our eyes. December 2019 was first time brick & mortar mall sales declined relative to online. We are shredding retail store jobs and then the high taxes on labor combined with demands for rising healthcare costs have businesses also replacing workers with automated machines as quickly as they can. Many small stores will go out of business thanks to what appears to be CoronaGate. This will use this and their exit strategy and not return. Universities are switching to online and soon we will no longer require professors as the internet makes them obsolete.

The hype behind this health scare is being accelerated all for political gain. This is not just the Democrats desperately trying to blame every death on Trump, but in Europe, where this scare began, it is achieving its goal – one step closer to the federalization of the EU. The surrender of sovereignty in order to get handouts from the CoronaBonds is just the beginning. This is also about the elimination of paper money and move to a fully digital currency to ensure government gets every penny of tax and to eliminate the inevitable bank run crisis in Europe.

This is an important report and it is priced for the average person – not just the trading community. This is available in a Downloadable PDF. Some of the topics covered are:

Creating Models to Hide Human Opinions
Modeling Reality
The Journey
Analyzing the Brain
The Quest for the Holy Grail or Finance
The Complexity of the Global Economy
The Dream of Socrates
Creating Socrates
Bringing Socrates to Life
Quarantine & Panic
The Second Wave
Flattening the Curve
How to Destroy a Civilization by Self-Distancing
Infamous Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Tracking Map
European Political Coup?
Is this a Political Coup
What Makes a Recession a Depression?
The Timeline
The Civil Unrest
A Lesson of Authoritarianism
Panic is the Authoritarian’s Ticket to Power
The Cycle of Revolution
Russia & the Coronavirus


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