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Canada Into 2022


The 2021 Canadian Report is now available. We have gone into the clever change in the law that Trudeau pulled off to allow him to cancel the currency at his discretion as of January 1, 2021. He did withdraw the legal tender status of various notes that are still out there. You can take them to the bank and deposit them in your account, but stripping them of legal tender status means nobody else is now required to honor that currency.
We have covered the political chaos, the debt, the separatist movements, energy, the agricultural crisis, the share market, the Canadian dollar, and gold in terms of Canadian dollars rather than in US dollars with arrays and reversals.

During these volatile times, explore the fate of Canada going into 2022 based on Martin Armstrong’s data-driven models. This report begins by discussing the political atmosphere influencing Canadian policies both domestically and internationally. Explore the future of energy as well as the outlook for crude oil, the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian dollar futures, and gold in terms of the Canadian dollar.

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This is the Canadian Outlook for 2021, which will be the most critical year as we head into 2024 and beyond. On the one hand, we have a crisis that has been created by politics and their blind following of Klaus Schwab and his world Economic Forum. While mainstream media and government are doing everything they can to label anything that implies they have exploited this virus for climate change objectives is immediately labeled a Conspiracy Theory. But in fact, all one needs to do is look at the videos of the World Economic Forum and you see nothing but world leaders supporting this Great Reset which is destroying jobs and telling people like miners to learn how to make solar panels instead. Here is a video of even the infamous Dr, Anthony Fauci appearing in Schwab’s videos supporting this entire agenda he has created.



The Build Back Better campaign is worldwide. It is intent upon destroying all jobs related to fossil fuels and in the process, the world cannot run on renewables. As a result, we will indeed see shortages in commodities from food to energy which this report lays out rather clearly.

This report goes into the debt crisis in Canada which is one of the worst in the Western world, interest rates, the Canadian Dollar, the share market, and the future of gold expressed in Canadian Dollars.