2021 World Economic Conference – Pawn of Finance (full-length VOD)


The Monetary Crisis Cycle has arrived. We now face the risk of BOTH deflation and inflation, SIMULTANEOUSLY, Food Shortages, an Energy Crisis, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So what is the future of the markets? Why has gold declined in the face of talks of a $3.5 trillion spending spree? Will the Dow continue to rise, and if so, why?

The implications of FATF upon the global markets and capital flows will only increase as we head into the years ahead. How will this impact the investment in the world ahead? It has impacted gold, but cryptocurrencies are now in their targeting objective.

This event covers some of the significant changes in the world economy and forecasts into 2022, including a glimpse into cryptocurrencies and the fate of the Greenback in this world of absolute chaos. 


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This is the full-length VOD of the 2021 World Economic Conference with Martin Armstrong
RUNTIME 8 Hours 34 Minutes.

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