Socrates Platform Training


This session was a moderated panel format designed to share information and perspectives on a wide array of topics related to the Socrates platform. The session starts with a “general overview” of the platform, description of the models, features and different information and features available at each membership level – providing a stepping stone of sorts for those new to the platform, the models or would otherwise generally consider themselves a “beginner”. For those who consider themselves more along the lines of an “intermediate” or “advanced” user, the session also shares some techniques by panelist Erwin Pletsch using Reversals and Arrays which flow from the Socrates research platform and available in the Pro level membership. This segment is intended for users who have an understanding of what Reversals and Arrays are already, and ideally have experience and a comfort level incorporating them into their own market research and strategies.

Anyone considering using the models and information within Socrates platform, as well as any techniques discussed within this or any other training sessions or materials should have experience already with investing and/or trading and are comfortable with concepts, methods, considerations and risks associated with investing and trading. It is also helpful for those to have some understanding and experience with cyclical and technical market analysis techniques and tools.

Please note the slides provided are a bit more comprehensive than some of those presented at the live session – these are intended to be used supplemental to the video which we hope helps fill in any gaps of what didn’t make it to the live presentation.

Objectives of this Introductory Training

This training should enable you to:

  • Describe what the Socrates Platform is, and what it isn’t
  • Describe each of the core models available within the Socrates Platform, and why they matter
  • Understand the what the intended audience, available information, and considerations applicable to each membership level
  • Identify an example of a step-by-step process you can follow when considering using the Socrates Platform to research market behavior and uncover potential opportunities

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Please note the presentation document accompanying the video is the same document that was provided to those who attended the live session and it is meant to compliment and expand upon the topics discussed during the session. While this exact document is exclusive to those who attended the session and purchase this video, similar content will of course be made available in the Socrates help section as well.


Disclaimer: We are not a financial services or management firm. We do not offer individualized financial advice or services. The Services we provide (as defined in our Terms and Conditions of Use, and inclusive of this training session and related materials) are made available “as is” and are for educational purposes only. No representation, warranty or guarantee is being made with regard to any of the Services, or that any financial result will or is likely to be achieved by users / members of the Services.


The views expressed and examples shared in this session, along with any related communications, materials or events (live or recorded, online or in-person) are the personal views and interpretations of the person sharing those views and interpretations, and they are not speaking on behalf of Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics, or the Company (as defined in our Terms and Conditions of Use). Moreover, all of our Services are for general audiences and the views expressed and information provided are generalized and are not particularized or meant for any specific customer, system of trading or investment, or transaction or series of transactions. Accordingly, the viewer / reader must decide for himself or herself how, when and what financial transactions and considerations make sense for them.

For sake of clarity, this document is not a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any cash or financial security or instrument. No representation is being made that any financial result will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed or referenced in any way. Any past performance (estimated, actual or otherwise) of any specific strategies, tactics, technologies, models or methodologies referenced or discussed is not indicative of future results. 


Financial investments and trades are risky and can result in significant financial loss – we highly encourage all users / members of our Services to research multiple sources of information, and to consult a reputable financial services professional regarding your personal situation and any particular investment or trade. Please see our full Disclaimer as well as our Terms and Conditions of Use on









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