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Let The Bail-Ins Begin

Portugal is starting to bail-in banks. The fascinating aspect that nobody seems to see is that this is a total failure of socialism. The U.S. Federal Reserve was formed in 1913, with the shareholders being the banks, to provide the cash needed to prevent bank failures. To stimulate the economy when the banks could not […] read more

The Next Two Months

The next two months going into September will be both interesting and critical. The NASDAQ Composite made new highs in July, but the S&P500 and the Dow Jones Industrials failed to exceed May highs. The general consensus is that there will be a rate hike in September and another in December, so if we back-off from […] read more

Debt, Debt, & More Debt: 2015.75

The 1985 World Economic Conference Back in 1985, we warned that the Sovereign Debt Crisis would emerge on 2015.75. How was 2015.75 forecast so far back? This is pi; 31.4 years into this Private Wave which began on 1985.65. At the 1998 World Economic Conference, we put out this slide listing the sequence of events. […] read more

Will Gold Complete the September Rally?

Gold’s rally into the target weeks for the ECM appear to be linked to the potential crisis in European banking. This has nothing to do with the dollar, fiat, inflation, or whatever. The only reason gold rises is the hedge against real crisis and uncertainty. Gold may not be sustainable. We really need to see […] read more

2015.75 – The Turning Point

It is fascinating is how congress kicked the can down the road, and one thing that may cause a fight is Planned Parenthood. If the government shuts down over this fight on the day of the ECM, it looks like it will be the peak in government debt, which could begin to make people wonder […] read more

Changes on September 30/October 1, 2015 – 2015.75

  It is very interesting to see that we have a lot of things emerging for our turning point on September 30/October 1 (2015.75). This is the day the funding of the Federal government stops and many are speculating that the government will shut its doors thanks to the conservatives in the Republican Party. Given […] read more

The Next Four Years After 2015.75

  QUESTION: What will happen after 2015.75? Can you share anything? Thanks from those who cannot attend your conference PD ANSWER: All systems tend to collapse in ten 8.6-year waves, and the last 4.3 years are typically the worst. That is what we should see between 2015.75 and 2020.05. By comparison, the Roman Emperor Valerian I […] read more

Forecasting Against the Wind

  The leading story for the sell-off has been Wall Street’s shock by the mounting worries over instability in China and emerging markets. The tumultuous decline has sent investors clamoring to race into safe-haven assets amid the confusion. Why anyone missed this is really befuddling since China’s share market peaked in 2007 and the rally […] read more

False Move = August Low in Dow

A false move is measured from the high, not current time. Therefore, a FALSE MOVE would be two to three months from the May high in the Dow, which means an August low. That can be on a closing basis with an intraday in September and a rally for the close, or it is just an August […] read more

Berlin WEC November 28 & 29

Unquestionably, the overwhelming majority of “analysts” are predicting “a stock market crash for the fall of 2015”. Most predictions are centered on our target date, plus or minus a few days. We are in a period where the central banks are against the wall and are indeed defenseless against any market implosion. But are we […] read more