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BREXIT on Schedule

QUESTION: I attended your May 1999 seminar in London. I am the person who asked you when would Britain exit the EU. You said not before 2016. Can you elaborate on how you could have possibly foreseen this event coming in June? read more

Dollar & Reserve Currency Status

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, First of all, congratulations for all the public information that you are offering in your website. For humble learners like me is fascinating. Your ECM says that there would be a peak in October. Could it be a peak in the confidence in the Dollar as a reserve currency? I would […] read more

The Global Usurpation of Power Underway

COMMENT FROM THE UK: Hi Marty I am sure you, like me, have expected without a doubt a move back into FALL lockdowns. It has been blatantly obvious here in the UK for months. The hype and overreaction is intentional and fear generation is being ramped through the roof. A school has one case of […] read more

Greece – Selling Out to the Establishment

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, has sold his country out to the failed ideas of the euro. There is no possible way for this deal to work for it will bring only more austerity to Greece that will continue to grind its economy to a halt. Raising taxes will not create jobs and it […] read more

Will Puerto Rico Be the Next Greece?

On Monday, Puerto Rico is set to release a key report on its financial stability. Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla told The New York Times that the island would probably seek significant concessions from many of its creditors because “the debt is not payable.” Puerto Rico is the next Greece where the “vulture” investors bought their bonds back in […] read more

1985.65 + 31.4 = 2017

COMMENT: Marty; I attended your 1985 World Economic Conference in Princeton. It was amazing to see so many people from around the world. I remember the whole delegation from the Middle East in their white robes. It was like a mini United Nations. I remember that chart showing 2017. Back then you did not reveal you […] read more

The Fed & Interest Rates: The Nightmare That Will Not End Nicely

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong; You have written that the Federal Reserve remains on track to raise interest rates later this year and this will accelerate the capital inflows driving the dollar higher. You previously warned that this will also set off further defaults in emerging market debt and you have also said that the pension funds […] read more

Deflation – When Will It End?

QUESTION:  Dear Martin, It is CRYSTAL clear that your call for a deflationary cycle has been right on the mark. No one else saw it coming. The changes that are part of this were not as visible even a few years ago like they are now. (Of course they were to you!) I can see […] read more

It is Dangerous to be Right When Gov’t is Wrong

  History repeats because those in power never change. Revolutions change only for a brief shining moment. Thereafter, all systems collapse into themselves. It follows the same pattern of physics. The Big Bang, then the Big Crunch and then it starts all over again. No matter how hard they pretend to be “honorable” and grant […] read more

Is Anything Real in the Biden Administration?

  Harris is walking up the steps pretending there is a plane. I have said before, we have no idea who is running the country but I believe the ties go directly to Geneva. We also have no idea of what is real or what is fake anymore and the press is out to overthrow […] read more