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The Hunt for Taxes Brings Down Governments Every Time

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I live in Germany. I wanted to send my father €200 for Christmas. I had to prove where the money came from. It does seem as if there is a major gap between those trading the euro for big banks and the people. I left Romania for freedom. Everything that I fled from […] read more

Taxing the Per Mile you Drive – Hunt for Taxes

There are a number of states now looking into imposing a tax on every mile you drive your car. The leader of the pack has been the West Coast.  I previously reported that California wanted to tax space shots per mile they flew into the sky. Then California wants to tax taxi drivers per mile […] read more

The Hunt for Taxes Destroying Healthcare in Britain

The Hunt for Taxes is now creating a crisis in healthcare in Britain. The UK government is gearing up for a massive tax clampdown targeting private sector contractors. The UK Treasury estimates in its budget that this taxing of private contractors in healthcare will create £185m in new taxes for the year 2017/18. This is known as […] read more

Iraq & Hunt for Taxes from American Contractors

Iraq has been accused of employing strong-arm tactics to make American military contractors operating in Iraq to pay exorbitant income taxes. They are running to Trump complaining that this is hampering the fight against Islamic State extremists – of course. The Iraq government is demanding millions of dollars in taxes that these contractors earn providing […] read more

Canada’s Hunt For Taxes Turns on Minimum Wage Earners

The hunt for taxes has turned to employees of companies. Any benefit you give an employee is considered “soft-income” and is to be taxed. In the USA, the maximum value of a gift I can hand an employee is $25. I can’t even give them a decent bottle of champagne for New Years. In Canada, […] read more

New Zealand & the Hunt for Taxes

QUESTION:  Hi Martin, Firstly I appreciate your insight into world events. I don’t see anyone else coming even close to what you do. In New Zealand we are facing an election and taxation is a big topic. Labour on the left has appointed a new, young, female leader who has wide appeal. She is hedging […] read more

Canada’s Hunt for Taxes – Trudeau’s Destruction of the Canadian Economy

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing his best to send Canada into the Dark Age. He is clearly a Marxist and has targeted small business which creates 70% of all employment. He said “I want to be clear,” at the Liberal party’s recent caucus gathering in Kelowna. “People who make $50,000 a year should […] read more

The Hunt for Money – “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

  QUESTION:  Dear Mr Armstrong, with great compliments on your work I now see a chance to do something back. … On the topic of government hunger for money, they are now using speedtraps for boats here in Amsterdam. Just 2 miles over the limit will cost already cost you €90. Yes they have laserguns for […] read more

The Hunt for Taxes is Global

Taxes are the root of all evil for this is the confrontation against the people that historically leads to civil unrest and then revolution. The American and French Revolutions were over taxes. Historically, even the Roman Empire was forced from time to time to grant tax amnesty as was the case in 119AD. You even […] read more

The Hunt for Taxes is Unleashed in Africa

Nigeria has begun the hunt for taxes as they target 700,000 firms as the country is desperate to look for more revenue as its income from oil has collapsed. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy and it has entered its first recession in more than 20 years as overspending produces only higher taxes, not economic reform. […] read more