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Amsterdam Has Retaken Financial Capital of Europe? Was this Cyclically on Time?

EURONEXT has now beaten out London retaking back the financial capital insofar as stock trading is concerned thanks to Boris Johnson and of course BREXIT. The numbers are in and Amsterdam surpassed London with an average of €9.2bn shares a day traded on Euronext in January 2021, which was been a 400% increase over December […] read more

Market Talk – February 16, 2021

ASIA: China’s textile and clothing manufacturing suffered losses last year as US consumers and businesses moved away from Chinese labor. The apparel market in the US dropped -23% in 2020, marking a ten-year low. Asian competitors such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia saw a 42% rise in this sector last year as suppliers look […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – Bitcoin $100,000?

PRIVATE BLOG – Bitcoin $100,000? Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit read more

Business as Usual in the Biden Administration – Corruption – Corruption – Corruption

Half Country under Freezing Global Warming Temperatures

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I have literally followed you for years (well before your nightmare at MCC in NYC).  I am simply amazed at what you and Socrates have accomplished. I only know of one person in America that made the bold prediction shown below.  I am amazed, along with all your clients, that you are […] read more

Federal Reserve & Fake Conspiracies

QUESTION: I found your history of the Federal Reserve very insightful which nobody else has put together. Can you explain your comment that the ECB could go bankrupt but not the Fed? Thank you very much. HB ANSWER: Here is a full set of $1 bills with each issued by its respective Federal Reserve branch. […] read more

60% of Americans Now Want a 3rd Party – Good Bye Republicans & Democrats

Right on time, Our computer has been forecasting the political trends amazingly. I have warned that Socrates targeted 2022 as a Panic Cycle in Politics. The Biden Administration is turning the country upside down claiming climate change must be stopped instantly. Yet the severe cold this winter is also right on time as our models […] read more

Was Trump Just Naive?

QUESTION: Dear Martin, After following the Trump drama since launching his presidential campaign, we have read how he has been angry at his staff, fired one after another of his top men and women, added crazy people like Bolton and Pompeo and others, and is now mad at his defense team in Senate, only one […] read more

Cycle of War Book Nearly Sold Out Again

  We will try to make another printing of the Second Edition of the Cycle of War & the Coronavirus ASAP. For some reason, it just seems my books sell out very fast. Not exactly sure why. We will have Manipulating the World Economy 5th edition out very shortly. I am finishing the Geometry of […] read more

Vaccines & Corruption

  COMMENT: Sir, My sister is the primary caregiver of our 87 year old mother. She called the other day asking if mom should get the COVID vaccine. I told her no. I asked my sister is she ever bought the first model of a car. She said no. Then don’t have mom get the first […] read more