Testimonials – World Economic Conferences

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Our World Economic Conferences provide a rare glimpse into our financial futures, enable attendees to learn from the leading economic expert, and attract like-minded individuals from around the world. As politician and past guest speaker Nigel Farage said, the WEC is “the alternative to Davos.” Perhaps our past attendees can explain it best:


“I read both the Socrates and daily blog posts. I feel as though I’m at the forefront of information walking into a WEC. Every time I am enlightened because the information provided all ties into everything I have previously learned.” (Orlando 2018)

“If you want to know what is happening in the world and what we are facing in the future, you need to attend this seminar!” (Orlando 2018)

“Although I followed the blog for a few years, my first conference pulled it all together and added additional perspective. My world view and approach to managing my SEP-IRA is forever changed. Wow!” (Orlando 2018)

“The WEC helps you see what is real in capital markets and what is smokescreen. In many cases we can be taken in by they hype of biased and emotional agenda based information.” (Orlando 2018)

“The WEC strips a lot of the veneer off the markets and provides clarity.” (Orlando 2018)

“Martin Armstrong’s work raises a distinctly worrying picture of our economic and societal future. Yet, by understanding predictions, [provides] an opportunity for some to survive and profit from the chaos to come.” (Orlando 2018)

“What you offer is exactly what I needed to make my trading super profitable. I have referred many people to you and everyone is happy! Thanks for all you do. You have enabled me to help others and do some good in this crazy world.” (Orlando 2018)


“My first Armstrong event and [I] found every minute valuable. Flew in from UK, found the two days very interesting. Briefly met/spoke to Martin during the evening event. Has a brief, interesting conversation about the ECM and UK banks. Was great to meet him!” (Orlando 2018)

“I am 55-years-old; started trading equities professionally at the age of 25. I now trade futures mostly, and learned more about the interconnection of world markets and capital flows at your conference than I have in the last 30 years. Marty is awesome.” (Orlando 2018)

“Appreciate the [opportunity] to spend time with Martin at breakfast. Love how well the events are organized and will be back.” (Orlando 2018)

“Simply amazing. Martin Armstrong and Socrates are genuinely the best double act on the planet.” (Rome 2019)

“Open minded. More alpha generated in 2 days than 2 years of reading any bank’s research…” (Rome 2019)


“All of the attendees were very friendly, open and helpful in what they have learned over their with Armstrong. I learned a lot from my table mates too.” (Orlando 2018)

“WEC has allowed me to develop some nice friendships over the years, and the information gives me confidence in handling my investments.” (Orlando 2018)

“This is a must-attend event to get Marty’s insight into future global trends and great networking afterward.” (Orlando 2018)

“Fantastic opportunity to hear from the horse’s mouth and meet other interested people.” (Rome 2019)


 “I have attended 5 WECs in the last 5 years. I would never miss an opportunity to hear what the models are showing. Marty and the team did an incredible job.” (Orlando 2018)

“I have been following Martin Armstrong since 1987 and his knowledge, information, forecasts and stories are unsurpassed.” (Rome 2019)

“As this was my first conference, I was interested in forecasting analysis and implementing Socrates. Excellent start as well as attendees sharing experiences! (Rome 2019)

“Attending a Martin Armstrong WEC is always a highlight. I gain further global perspective on economics and markets, which empowers me to make even more profitable investment and business decisions.” (Rome 2019)

“Each WEC pays for itself – both in forecasting and in providing an accurate world view on a variety of topics from markets, politics, science, etc. – all free from noise, just the facts as seen through the eyes of Socrates!” (Rome 2019)

“Trading, investing–even living–against what Socrates predicts… that’s something I learned to avoid over the years. A heartfelt “Thank you!” to Martin and his staff – you really make a difference.” (Rome 2019)