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Queensland Senator Demands National Security Alert over WEF Global Domination

AUSTRALIA – Queensland senator demands to know why WEF penetration of cabinets around the world hasn’t triggered a national security alert. It’s clear to see the coordination of nations as they roll out The Great Reset. The one no one voted for! — Bernie's Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) November 22, 2022 Klaus Schwab has publicly boasted […] read more

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Fighting Back Against WEF

This is big news. Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith is the first government leader to apologize for vaccine mandates. Taking it a step further, she directly criticizes the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Schwab; she has “no interest in being involved with them.” During her first day in office, Smith immediately apologized for the vaccine […] read more

Schwab Getting Desperate? Martin Armstrong Agenda Contributor at WEF

OK. I cannot even count the emails coming in on this one.  It seems Schwab has found someone with the same name but is just a journalist, and he has been sending this out to everyone. Look. I began our WEC in 1985. Schwab started his WEF in 1987. Marcus Vetter did the film on […] read more

WEF Encourages Eating Expired Food                  

Schwab is a rotten man. The World Economic Forum has convinced the UK to remove “best before” dates from food products in an effort to “conserve food waste.” In reality, these sick individuals do not care about human health and need a way to avert attention away from the coming food shortages brought on by […] read more

Boris Johnson Disaster – Another WEF Pawn Falls

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Was the Group Abe was Associated with the WEF?

The official story is desperately trying to explain the motive behind the assassination of Shinzo Abe as being linked to a fringe political party that had criticized him ahead of Sunday’s upper house election. Akihiko Kurokawa, secretary-general of the NHK Party, has alleged that during a campaign debate the previous month Abe was to blamed […] read more

Is the WEF Running Canada?

  The Canadian National Post has reported on the rising concern that the World Economic Forum is making all the calls as to what the Canadian government should do. They admitted that this question has “gained remarkable currency among Canadian[s]” particularly since the events of the Freedom Convoy. While they concluded that the WEF is […] read more

WEF Praises Quiet Lockdowns

In a deleted video posted on the World Economic Forum’s website, the group praised the lockdowns for offering a quiet atmosphere. The dystopian post-apocalyptic setting certainly seemed quiet at times. Here is what the latest lockdown sounded like in Shanghai for those who have already forgotten: read more

Rebel News on the WEF Infiltration of Governments

  These people are against Democracy where the people make decisions. Republics are authoritarian regimes in sheep’s clothing. They run pretending one thing and then do everything in their power to accomplish undemocratic goals. read more

Dr. Robert Malone v WEF

Dr. Robert Malone, one of the initial founders of mRNA vaccines, turned into the most prominent critic, plans to expose everyone in the World Economic Forum (WEF). “They’ve been working for 30 years to train people to be their gophers…to do their bidding…there are videos of Klaus Schwab bragging about it,” Malone stated. “All of […] read more