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NYC Mayor Proposes Solution for Lifeguard Shortage

The Democrats are looking for any possible way to expedite the immigration process for future blue voters. Eric Adams flops between crying to Washington for forcing the migrant crisis upon his sanctuary city and looking for ways to support its agenda. Since Democrats cannot be racist, Eric Adams offered a newly proposed solution for New […]

Why Biden’s Housing Crisis Solutions Will Fail

Most first-world nations are experiencing a crisis in housing affordability as there is simply not enough supply to meet the demand. Major corporations swept up the majority of homes when mortgage rates were artificially low. Those who own are less likely to less as they could downsize and still have a larger mortgage bill due […]

Polish Trucker and Farmer Protests Nearing Resolution

Ukrainian goods are flooding into the European Union through neighboring nations and undermining business. Poland-Ukraine relations have turned sour in recent months as both truckers and farmers from the former believe EU regulations are favoring Ukraine’s economy over their own. Truckers in Poland began blocking four ports of entry from Ukraine in November. Polish farmers […]

Solution to Border Crisis

QUESTION: Do you have a solution to the border crisis besides removing Biden from office? HF ANSWER: Yes. We ask Trump, the great negotiator, to cut a deal with Mexico. Everyone there moves to the USA, and we all move to Mexico in search of real global warming. It’s getting cold in northern Florida. Of […]

Here is a Larger Video of Socrates’ Solution

  This was the Question asked: Socrates, how do I solve a debt crisis without a default that is fair to both sides?

Can Socrates find new solutions to Crises?

QUESTION: Allison Schrager at Bloomberg claimed that AI does a great job finding solutions based on existing rules and information. But it’s less suited for finding novel solutions to new problems. Somehow, this does not seem to apply to Socrates for there are no new problems anyway. Am I correct that Socrates will find new […]

UN & ICC Now Guarantee World War III is the Only Solution

I previously reported that my sources inside the ICC would move to charge Putin with war crimes. No head of state has EVER been charged for the actions of those on the battlefield. Russia is not a member of the ICC, and neither is the United States for that matter. This has merely guaranteed that […]

The Solution


The Solution to this Insanity

QUESTION: Hi Martin, thank you as always for your incisive explanations of what’s going on in the ever-roving mind’s eye of SOCRATES. In your July 24 interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog, you started to explain that a form of “Great Reset” is necessary–because taxpayers’ $ has been spent hog-wild and wilder for 90 years, […]

The Ukrainian Solution: Money, Weapons, and Embargo

The Kremlin has made it known that they will not evacuate troops from Ukraine until their victory is declared. “We are sure that everything will be fine, and we are sure that we will win, we will achieve all the goals,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Russia has already downgraded “unfriendly states” to “hostile states” as […]