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China – US – Claimed Territory – One China Policy

QUESTION:  China’s claimed territory??? So China can claim the entire Pacific as their territory and that means we can’t enter the Pacific??? DF ANSWER: Whatever China claims is really irrelevant. Up until recently, we did not push the limits and China did not expand its claims. We all agreed to disagree but took no action. […] read more


The mainstream media does not want the West to know what is happening in China because the people would be frightened and begin to rebel. The media wants you to believe that China is “experimenting” with digital IDs that are linked to bank accounts and impacted by social credit scores, but they’re already there. TikTok […] read more

Youth Unemployment in China

Chinese youth are struggling to find jobs in urban areas. Unemployment for the 16-to-24 demographic reached a new high in April at 20.4%. Youth unemployment has steadily risen this year after reaching 17.3% in January, 18.1% in February, and 19.6% in March. These young adults were born under the one-child policy that has since been […] read more

China wants Apple Back – China’s Davos

China’s zero COVID policy isolated the nation for nearly three years and caused businesses to flee. One of the steepest losses occurred when Apple halted the production of the iPhone 14 in China. If you recall, Foxconn, once the largest iPhone producer in the world, underwent a lengthy lockdown in November 2022. In response, Apple […] read more

Has the US Gone to DEFCON 3?

NATO has effectively declared war on Russia hiding behind Ukrainian surrogates. Ukraine launched new versions of their marine drones in an attempt to sink the Russian Fleet base in Sevastopol. They were blown up just before hitting Russian ships as the Russians managed to intercept them. The Russians know that these attacks are carried out […] read more

Civil Unrest Explodes in China Over Lockdowns

The Chinese are no longer willing to comply with the harsh Zero Covid policy implemented by their government. Protests exploded across Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, and many other cities as people called for President Xi Jinping’s resignation and the downfall of the entire Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is perhaps the largest public display of […] read more

Largest iPhone Factory Hires 100K Employees after Lockdown Scare

Apple iPhone 14 production slowdown from the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China continues. A high percentage of workers fled the world’s largest iPhone factory as soon as the lockdown went into effect. Reports state that the site, only weeks ago, that Foxconn looked like an abandoned center piled high with workers’ belongings as the government […] read more

China’s Central Bank Discusses Inflationary Fears

It is not out of the question that China is holding onto its Zero COVID policy tactics to prevent the people from realizing banks are in the midst of a liquidity crisis. I reported earlier in the year that China had manipulated QR codes to prevent citizens from entering banks. Over $6 billion (39 billion […] read more

iPhone Production Halted in China

China is losing business by implementing lockdowns that also prolong the global supply chain shortage. The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone in Henan province is currently under lockdown. This is where Apple’s largest manufacturing plant is located. The Chinese government said that the lockdown would last for only seven days, but we have seen their lockdowns […] read more

Biden Angers China Yet Again

As Americans, we are accustomed to our dementia-ridden commander-in-chief misspeaking and provoking war with major world powers. He nearly declared war on Russia, but the White House backtracked. The White House is now redacting almost everything that came out of Joe Biden’s mouth during his “60 Minutes” interview. China is not going to let a […] read more