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Brazil Minister tells WEF – “I’m not a great fan of … Great Reset”

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ernesto Araujo stresses the importance of freedom which is absent from the BigTech monopoly that has been forming. He added that he’s not a fan of the great reset, telling World Economic Forum (WEF) President Børge Brende that freedom and democracy are missing on the agenda, who did not kindly […] read more

The Common Words of Politicians & Great Reset

  COMMENT from FRANCE: Hello and thank you for your fantastic insights. I live in France and I just thought you may be interested in what the French President recently said in an interview he gave to a media called Brut. He was asked whether he would be a candidate for the next presidential elections […] read more

Great Reset & Fake Pandemic

COMMENT: Marty, It’s one thing to steal an election, create a border crisis(when there was none) and then orchestrate an alleged attack on the Capitol, thus creating the perfect recipe for another attempt at impeachment. But with complications now surfacing with these vaccines(and follow on boosters, which by design are to ensure a continuous feed of […] read more

West Coast in Flames – Part of the Strategy to Impact the Elections & Great Reset?

  Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, was charged with two counts of arson and additional crimes for allegedly setting a fire earlier this week in southern Oregon, while the region was already beset with the Almeda Fire. It appears from our cyclical models that this fire was deliberately set to further this Great Reset. Like the COVID-19 […] read more

The Great Reset

The Great Reset may go down as the most important book, perhaps with hindsight. I will be adding to it over the next month with a section reviewing the demise of every economy that has ever tried to impose precisely what they are doing now. We need not just look at Russia and China or […] read more

Trump’s Farewell & Now the Great Reset & The Secret Agenda – Divide & Conquer

  CNN has done its best to absolutely trash everything Trump has ever done. They even have the audacity to write: “He leaves office with more than 400,000 Americans dead from a virus he chose to downplay or ignore” despite the fact when he shut down air travel from China the Democrats called him racist. […] read more

The Great Reset

This report goes into great detail about a well funded & well-organized coalition to not just impose vaccines and depopulate the world, which may even be a ploy knowing they will not vaccinate China or Russia, but to actually destroy the world economy to end fossil fuels and impose by bribery and collusion their vision of how the world should function to stop Climate Change and impose by decree ZERO CO2.

We are facing massive unemployment as they wipe out industry and continue to try to keep people locked down to reduce CO2. For two months, Britain needed less electricity and they shut down coal plants. There is a fleet of cars that remain unsold and even Hertz was forced into bankruptcy. They have shut down tourism and Southern Europe will not survive without massive bailouts blowing the entire debt situation to insanity.

There are even two types of vaccines they have been developing. The first is the standard where they inject you with a portion of the virus. But Gates has also funded vaccines that operate totally differently. They are targeting your genetic DNA to alter it under the pretense it will prevent COVOD-19.

Most people do not realize that former Chancellor  Helmut Kohl of Germany who admitted he acted like a dictator to create the Euro denying the German people any right to vote on the question, was caught in 2000 with massive bribes he had taken and the CDU even distanced itself from him. When he died, there were accounts in Switzerland with millions of undisclosed and cash transactions in parking lots. All of this corruption created the Euro outside any democratic process. This is the very same strategy being employed and politicians embrace this agenda against the people and many will be shown to have also taken bribes.

This report dives into every aspect and documents their agenda from calling for a 400% increase in taxation and providing Guaranteed Basic Income for those they put out of work to stay home and just watch TV on a minimal subsistence.

Welcome to the New Green Socialist World Order they're strategically marketing as the Great Reset. This is probably the most outrageous political strategy every devised to deliberate defraud everyone of any human rights that will only exist at their pleasure. There has been no greater diabolical pilot perhaps in human history.


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Klaus Schwab & His Great Reset – Unrealistic Academic Proposal as Dangerous as Marxism

Klaus Schwab needs to answer why the World Economic Forum sold all its stocks and bonds ahead of everyone else. Schwab has exploited this virus within weeks, launching his vision for the Great Reset. This highly likely man-made virus was also highly likely to have been leaked in China deliberately by another group with a […] read more

Is Europe Deliberately Crushing their Economy for the Great Reset?

COMMENT #1 (France): What the hell is going on?! This is so frustrating. I want, no, NEED someone to shed some real, unbiased light on this. Do you have some available? K COMMENT#2 (Spain): Hi Marty, Hope you’re ok. Jealous of you being in Florida!! (Assuming it’s still relatively sane over there.) As you will […] read more

Great Reset – We have Expanded it & Its Available Now No Charge for those who Purchased Already

The Great Reset Report is now available in the store. For our clients, this is available in a download PDF  $29.95 because it is very important to understand who is behind this entire Coronavirus Scam and what are the objectives. This report goes into great detail about a well funded & well-organized coalition to not […] read more