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FACTA & The Penalties

  Americans are treated as simply the property of the state. The line to resign American citizenship is at historic highs. The penalty for an American failing to notify the USA that they have an offshore account is a fine up to $500,000 and 10 years in prison. They also have a penalty. A non-willful […] read more

FACTA from the British View – Are you an American?

COMMENT: Dear Martin, Just opening a new bank account in the UK, and one of the questions is “Are you a US citizen?” ANSWER: Those in government cannot see that Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) is destroying the world economy. The velocity of money internationally is dropping sharply by what appears to be approaching […] read more

FATCA – Delayed or Realizing there is a Collapse Underway?

While they have been proud to announce that 77,000 foreign institutional have already signed up before July 1st, they did postpone it until July 2015. Nonetheless, the damage has been done long ago when this was passed. The huge fines they are imposing on foreign banks is further undermining the European and Swiss banking systems […] read more

FATCA – July 1st – 77,000 Firms Worldwide are Turning over Info on Americans

FATCA was coming July 1st  but now it is postponed to July 2015. Still, already some 77,000 banks and foreign firms have signed up to rat-out Americans wherever they hide. While those who hate the “rich” cheer, what has been lost in this proverbial bureaucratic mindless rationalization of the real world is any understanding of how […] read more

Caesar's Commentaries (in Latin) – Caesar

CAESAR’S COMMENTARIES IN LATIN BOOKS I-IV   By Julius Caesar C. IULI CAESARIS DE BELLO GALLICO COMMENTARIUS PRIMUS GALLIA est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur. Hi omnes lingua, institutis, legibus inter se differunt. Gallos ab Aquitanis Garumna flumen, a Belgis Matrona […] read more

Freedom of Religion under Attack?

  The attack upon religion in Australia is not what one would call a direct assault. It is also not unique to just Australia. This is simply the way prosecutors expand the envelope of power. They look at a single issue and seek to address that issue alone. They rarely look at the implications beyond their immediate objective. Take FACTA in the USA. The objective is to […] read more

Europe will go to Negative Interest Rates

Rates have been moving lower for it is now widely known behind the curtain that the ECB WILL take rates NEGATIVE in their dire efforts to stimulate this dead corps. Central Bankers cannot comprehend that between FACTA preventing world trade, rising taxes, and NSA really creating reverse protectionism, there is not much on the horizon […] read more

Cryptocurrencies Down into July?

COMMENT: I found it very interesting when my bank would not allow using a credit card to buy cryptocurrencies. A friend of mine in Singapore said the government there has also instructed banks not to honor cryptocurrencies. It appears that government is starting to retaliate against the cryptocurrency world and I must question its viability long-term. […] read more

How FATCA is Destroying the World Economy & Americans

The horror stories from Americans around the world are just unbelievable. The IRS and FATCA are hunting people everywhere. This is part of the Decline & Fall of the United States. Whenever a government turns against its own people for taxes to sustain its life, the end is never far behind. This is part of […] read more

When the Foreigner Becomes the Ruler

A lot emails have come in where people did not realize that Stalin was no more Russian than Hitler was actually German. Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler Sr, (1837–1903), was an Austrian Civil Servant. If we look at the same trend of an outsider rising to the head of a nation we need look no further than […] read more