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Maya Discovery of Time

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This is a special report unlike anything out there. The Maya Calendar has been usurped by so many for nefarious conspiracies that the world would end in 2012 – well we are still here. Nevertheless, the distortion of the Maya calendar is a truly tragic consequence of those always trying to sell doom and gloom. They have misrepresented just about everything and in the process of their absurd prognostications, they have clouded the Mayan discovery of time. This has truly been a torturous event for what the Maya did was discover something extremely important.

The Maya aligned the temples with the stars and with time, they observed that the starts moved. The discovered the procession of the equinox that no individual can observed since the cycle is 25,800 years and the heavens move just 1 degree every 72 years. To discover such an event required organization, study, and the collection of knowledge.

It is a shame that there is this constant need to predict the end of the world that obfuscates the truth and the hidden order of cycles right before our eyes. This need to predict the end of the world dominates human culture prevents the real discovery about earth cycles that is far more fascinating than the pretend end of the world scenarios. What we are witnessing are earth changes that are also normal and on a cyclical schedule that we have ignored. Is the worst yet to come? If it were just the end of the world, party the night before. Fortunately, world will survive, but your life could be disrupted as with the financial markets in the years ahead.

We published originally the full data on the shifting of the magnetic poles back in 2012 warning that cyclically we may see this in our life time. Now, scientists for the first time 2 years later concede this forecast is correct. The poles flip as well as move. The global warming crowd are blind to the fact that there are even earth cycles no less that the poles constantly move each year. This report was first to publish the raw data that was used to determine the earth cycles and that we were in fact overdue for a flip of the north and south poles. This raw data was derived from the scientific exploration of the ocean floor undertaken by a major University where the strips of lava are magnetized to where the north pole exists at that instant in time.

While many have hyped the Mayan calendar as predicting the end of the world, in truth, they have distorted the far more important aspect of the Mayan Discovery of Time. Those interested in cycles will find this book enlightening.



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