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The Rising Conflicts


This report, the Rising Conflicts, is now available and it focuses on Taiwan, Crimea, and the Middle East as the three primary hots spots where the risk of international war exists. This is a supplement to the Cycle of War and the Coronavirus so it concentrates on these three main areas rather than just the rising civil unrest covered in the main book on this topic. You will also find a review of Killer Drones where robots are being deployed which have no humanity and will simply kill human targets without thinking twice.

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2021 The Rising Conflicts

2021 The Rising Conflicts Index

This is a special report covering the three main hot spots for international war – Taiwan, Crimea, and the Middle East. This report focuses on these three important hot spots for each has the power to alter the capital flows which would send capital into the dollar and the United States thereby altering the expected course of the markets. This is a supplemental edition to the Cycle of War & the Coronavirus. With over 200 pages and fully illustrated, this is an important look at what lies ahead and why.


It is totally stunning that Biden would claim that the military told him the #1 threat is global warming – not Russia or China. If that is really true, then there is no need for the military anymore.