The 2020 Gold Silver Ratio


On the various interviews I have done concerning the precious metals, many were surprised to hear me say that gold was not breaking out on a sustained basis with the ratio rising. When the ratio hit the target area, many have written in to say wow, shorting gold and long silver was an amazing trade. The future of precious metals is an interesting one. Of course, the pro-gold sites hate my guts because all they ever say is “buy” with no respect for the financial wellbeing of people. Many have commented that some sites stopped reporting on our forecasts because they disagree with their constant bullishness and they have acted no differently than YouTube removing anyone who disagrees with COVID and the WHO. That seems to be the standard human response when they are trying to sell only their agenda and do not want anyone to listen to a contrary opinion.

Such behavior is not ethical but it is far worse. It shows they have a closed mind and refuse to listen which is the same thing going on with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab with their Great Reset – their way or no way. We are all in this together and the analysis cannot be one-sided. As my mother always used to say, there is a time and place for everything.

To TRULY understand the future path of the precious metals, we have to honestly look at the past and shed this absurd theory that an increase in money supply will create hyperinflation and only gold will survive. That has NEVER taken place in the history of any hyperinflation – EVER! Even the German hyperinflation ended with a new currency in 1925 backed by real estate. Moreover, the Fed’s number of M2 money supply was $1.5 trillion in 1980 while it was $18.6 trillion by the end of September 2020. Since the 1980 high in gold was $875, that theory means gold should be $10,850 right now. That proves all that yelling and screaming is just sophistry not based on real analysis.

There is simply a lot more at stake than what the gold proponents push. Gold and silver have their place in what is unfolding. But everyone needs to understand it is NOT one solution against everything else. To survive the future, we must truly understand the reality of the past.

2020 Gold Silver Ratio ……………. $300

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