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Set of 14 Denarii


Set of 14 Debarius between 81AD and 244AD. After this period, the denarius has been marginalized and replaced by the double-denarius known as the Antoninianus. This is a nice set mostly VF to XF. Domitian is the last of the 12 Caesars.

Domitian – 81-96 AD
Trajan – 98-117 AD
Hadrian – 117-138 AD
Antoninus Pius – 138-161 AD
Marcus Aurelius – 161-180 AD
Commodus – 177-192 AD
Septimius Severus – 193-211AD
Julia Domna – Wife
Caracalla – 198-217AD
Geta – 209-212AD
Elagabalus – 218-222AD
Severus Alexander – 222-235AD
Maximinus I –235-238AD
Gordian III – 238-244AD

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