Marcus Victorinus (268-270AD) Emperor of the Gallic (French) Empire


Gallic Emperor Victorinus (268-270AD) was a soldier under the first Gallic Emperor Postumus, who possibly elevated him to the post of praetorian prefect after putting down a rebellion by Laelianus in 269AD. However, Postumus was murdered by his own troops organized by Marius who became the new emperor. It was Victorinus who organized the overthrow of Marius, and subsequently, Victorinus was declared emperor by the troops.

This hoard demonstrates the contagion of debasement from the Roman Empire. Had they continued to mint coins in silver, they would have been hoarded and spread throughout the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, this hoard is of exceptional quality showing that they were barely in circulation. Thus, these are generally Extremely Fine most likely once again a hoard that was buried during the separation wars from the Roman Empire, and the owner never survived.

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