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Global Market Watch

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Global Market Watch

We will be posting the Global Market Watch here on this site since it is best to update after US hours closing or after 9PM EST. We will be providing an annual subscription service when this is finished with additional secondary pages.

DJIND-M GMW 1929-2013

Here is the track record of the GMW on the Dow Jones Industrials (Monthly) back to 1929 so you can see how it performed. It is not perfect, but we are improving on the pattern recognition. There are numbers displayed with each entry and this is a pattern number assigned by the computer. Therefore, where the same number appears at a later time, this reflects the same pattern has been detected. The pattern is complex measuring every aspect of the entry within its own configuration as well as in relative space related to previous data and trend,

The current Weekly and Monthly will change daily until that time period is complete. The current week or month is dynamic so each day it looks at the price action and assumes the period is complete. Therefore, it will ascertain the trend on that level up to the minute as that last week or month is being completed.

The Global Market Watch is dated as of the close of the previous day.

Covering Eastern & Western Europe – North & South America –

Middle East – North, South, & East Asia – India

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