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Thank you for visiting the Armstrong Economics Private Blog membership homepage.

Understanding the difference in our blogs:

AE Open Blog – this is the original AE-branded blog open and available to any and all website visitors. The goal of this blog is to share general news, views and information that our team determines may be unique and/or interesting on a variety of topics – including politics, society and government – that may be impacting our world.  Users can sign up to receive email alerts when new posts are available, but this open blog does not require any user login to read once on the website. The open blog generally updates at least once – if not multiple times – each week day.

AE Private Blog – this is an AE-branded blog section which requires a username and password to log in. The private blog includes exclusive content that is selectively and periodically published, and is not available on our standard “open” blog. This blog will from time-to-time feature select opinions and forecasts of Martin Armstrong, along with examples of the kind of research users can do themselves on the Socrates Platform. The private blog is not a daily blog. There may be multiple days in a row with posts, and then there may be periods of time with no posts. It is periodic by design.

Socrates Members Blog – this is a Socrates-branded blog accessible only to paying members of the Socrates Platform, which may include additional examples, case studies and educational content related to the proprietary computer models found within the Socrates Platform. To learn more about Socrates, please visit


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