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Alternating Influences

(Of world capital flows and its impact on investment trends in all countries)

Delphi Technique

(Delphi approach to forecasting)

Hedge vs Spec

(How hedgers and speculators should use our models differently)

How to Hedge Real Estate

(A look at a very difficult problem of hedging real estate assets)

Judgmental Forecasting

(Why fundamental analysis may be the worst bet of all)

Market Myths

(A look at some base assumption that everyone gets wrong)

Reversal System

(A 20-year case study)

Stock Market & Interest Rates

(The real relationship between stocks and interest rates in determined by expectations – not empirical rate of interest)

Stock Market & Inflation

(Why the Dow will hit 10,000+)

Trading the Reverse Pyramid

(Tips for traders to survive their own trading decisions)

Little Guy Syndrome

(When the little guy buys, professional should listen)