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Beyond Artificial Intelligence

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Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence


We learn individually from experience. Unfortunately, as a society, that experience is lost with each generation beginning anew. We constantly act out in the same sequence of events because human nature does not change giving substance to the realization that history repeats because the passions of humanity never change. To take one giant step forward as a collective society, it is mandatory that we retain our knowledge constructed from the experience of generations and pass that on from one generation to the next.


To accomplish this goal, we truly need a computer that achieves perpetual life as an artificial being that never dies and learns from the events of the the past and present to extend them to the future. An oracle so to speak that we can ask what should be the solution and it can then say what will work rather than repeating the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.


At Armstrong Economics this goal to create a computer that would achieve Beyond Artificial Intelligence collecting all the experiences of the past and to plot the best solution has kept us occupied for decades. Moving Beyond Artificial Intelligence required achieving what would become cognizant of itself rather than follow some predefined script of what is really an expert system. What was needed was to incorporate the ability to become self-aware capability allowing evolution from experience to plot new solutions without repeating the mistakes of the past.


Self-awareness is not actually artificial life for it still remains a level below humanity unable to achieved self-consciousness. Nevertheless, achieving such self-awareness allowed the computer to evolve and develop its own rules for monitoring the entire world economy adapting to the evolution of society. We will be explaining this achievement in an upcoming book for this is what many have sought to imitate without success.