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Klaus Schwab – How to Rule the World – Maybe!

    Klaus Schwab does not understand human nature or how the world economy functions. He preaches Stakeholder Economics which failed and was instituted during the Depression BECAUSE there were no government programs. The theory then was that companies should contribute to saving society. It failed because there was no coordination, for every company was […] read more

Australia – One Giant Step for Klaus Schwab – You Will Own Nothing!

Believe it or not, Australia wants to buy your home. Under the scheme, homebuyers will no longer need to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which will save the people potentially more than $30,000. The initial proposal is they will buy 40% of your home. Like the income tax was only to be for the rich, […] read more

Klaus Schwab – The Most Dangerous Man in the World

    Meanwhile, there is a Silver Alert out for Fauci. He is under either house arrest or witness protection. I prefer the former. read more

Biden & the Corruption or Just Klaus Schwab?

  Biden overruled his staff to lift sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline against all the Build Back Better agenda of Klaus Schwab. Some people are wondering if the Russians have something on Joe? They cannot imagine the guy who ran on the environment would flip and go against his own staff. The word behind […] read more

Klaus Schwab Advocates Perpetual Lockdowns?

  Klaus Schwab thinks imprisoning people is a good thing. We really have to purge EVERYONE from a political office that pays any homage whatsoever to Schwab and his World Economic Forum. In addition, any CEO of any public corporation that is in league with Schwab and his World Economic Forum is committing fraud upon […] read more

What is Klaus Schwab Really About?

A lot of people are starting to feel as if Klaus Schwab is the anti-Christ. He is advocating that no one should buy or sell without a digital health certificate, and he advocates trans-humanism while insisting on lockdowns of even religion. I don’t know about being the anti-Christ, but he is a very sick and […] read more

Klaus Schwab Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

  Klaus Schwab, who is trying to take over the world with his Stakeholder Economics & Fedualist-Socialism, has suddenly realized that his efforts to destroy capitalism as we know it is also undermining his precious World Economic Forum (WEF), which has been forced to start to slash its workforce. Since Europe has followed his recommendations, […] read more

Klaus Schwab is Not a Member of the Church of Satan

  This photo seems to be running around with claims that Schwab is a member of the Church of Satin. Sorry, but this may be a strange robe, but he was getting an honorary doctorate at the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania.   This is where we have to check both sides. I am no […] read more

What Klaus Schwab’s World Really Looks Like

  The destruction of small businesses is just insane. I would expect this if we were faced with a real disease with 20% of the population dying. The death rate of this COVID-19 is really no worse than the flu. Politicians cannot be this stupid. The destruction of small business is NOT going to magically […] read more

Klaus Schwab is Planned on Taking your 401K

COMMENT: Hey Martin … Americans for the most part think everything forthcoming “sounds” good, and essentially stay blind to all the gory details of The Great Reset. I try to explain it to a few people and it’s difficult to get a worried response UNTIL I say THEY WILL CONFISCATE YOUR 401K !!   That does it, […] read more