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224 Cycle of Political Change

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224 Yr Cycle Cover

The year 2013 is a highly important turning point for the future of the United States. The exposure of the NSA spying on everyone thanks to Edward Snowden has revealed that the United States is no different from some of the most notorious governments in history. The entire debt ceiling crisis has also led to a profound realization Behind the Curtain that the United States lost its sovereignty because of its excessive indebtedness. It cannot now even wage war without the approval of its creditors – China and Russia.

China has announced that it will start to develop its own internal economy and stop amassing dollar reserves. This move to turn away from the USA is strategically quite important. This year 2013 was the target for a major change politically and this marks the beginning of the decline and fall of the United States.  This incredible special report on the 224 Year Cycle of Political Change that covers USA, China, and Russia. However, the sheer scope of tracing this cycle back through the centuries to illustrate how it has correlated to the rise and fall of Empires, Nations, and City-States, will open your eyes to the realization that there is indeed a time and place for everything.

The 224 Year Cycle of Political Change ……   $75.00