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Inequality of Wealth

1904 View of Standard Oil During the Progressive Era around 1910, the Marxist view of the world was all about the massive wealth of the very rich like Rockefeller. Standard Oil would always rule the world. How could that possibly change? They argued this was undermining economic opportunity for others. The government championed the progressive […]

Socrates v Watson

QUESTION: Good day Martin   I have been spending some time reading up on IBM’s Watson. As you probably know they are developing a thinking computer which thinks and learns as time goes on. They are creating an Echo system which will integrate healthcare, finance and the public sector with Watson.  IBM is spending over $1 […]

Why the Rich Get Richer

The great evil the socialist/communist economists like the French economist Thomas Piketty who distorts data in order to harp about that the rich always get richer. Piketty is like the Global Warming crowd, if the data disproves your argument – alter it. You are working for a higher cause than just truth. Piketty claims the bottom 90 percent’s […]

Who is in that Hated top 1% – Could it be You?

IF you make $100,000 a year (salary and investment), you are in the top 1% and those like Piketty hate your guts. And the Press love this guy. Where do you Stand

Capital Has Always Invested on Net Return for Millennia

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I think the light just went on. You said that capital invests on a net return basis. This makes sense. If I can make €100 on €100 per year who would not invest. If they tax those gains 80 per cent as Piketty argues, then I have only  €20. If I invest in […]

You Are Not Alone

QUESTION:  Martin, One of my friends who reads you said reading your stuff is like getting a graduate level course in political economics.  You’ve said that various colleges have asked that you teach.  You should suggest to them that they simply require their students to read your on line postings. I am curious as to […]

Negative Interest Rates

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I do not quite understand negative interest rates. Can you explain what these people are doing now? Thanks GS ANSWER: Very simple. You can lend me money. I then return only 98% and the 2% is what you pay for the privilege to lend me money. Makes sense from their point of […]

Gold & the Black Market & $50,000

QUESTION: Martin, I’ve written you a few times and greatly appreciate the replies and posts on your blog. As I have mentioned before, I worked for a metals dealer that traded on margin and caught a substantial amount if heat for being a bear w silver at 50 and gold at 1900+. I shorted silver the […]

Are we Headed into Global Fascism?

Fascism has been a term applied to the manner of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator/bureaucracy that is unelected or a republic with pretend “lifetime” politicians,  controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. Such systems have always placed the […]

Obama is Ready to Impose Tolls on all Interstate Highways

  I have reported that Obama’s dream is to reverse the Reagan Tax Cuts (Not Bush) and return everything to the 70% tax rate. His cronies in the IMF put out a paper saying the US should match France and going to 80%. Thomas Piketty  is also at the 80% level and its being cheer by […]